Love Is Blind's Colleen Responds To Fans' Claims She Was Going Through It During The Reunion

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed at the Season 3 Love Is Blind reunion
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SPOILERS are ahead for Love Is Blind Season 3, now streaming with a Netflix subscription

Have you processed the biggest moments from the finale and reunion of the latest season of Love Is Blind yet? A lot went down on the Netflix dating show, including an up and down relationship between Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton that, perhaps unexpectedly, ended in the pair really getting married and remaining together today. As fans have weighed in on their concerns around Colleen and Matt’s relationship, the ballerina has responded to claims that she’s not okay. 

Since the reunion became available last week, viewers took to social media to share they were “concerned” for Colleen. Given the arguments put on display throughout the season and her reactions throughout the episode that seemed to signal she was uncomfortable as she sat next to her new hubby. Following these remarks, Colleen took to her Instagram to post this: 

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Alongside a photo of Matt and Colleen embracing one another during the night of the Love Is Blind reunion, Colleen publicly thanked her husband for holding her up when she was not her best. Colleen also revealed that during the reunion she was “not okay given the negative commentary” she had experienced. She said she’s “let the internet tear” her down and Matt has been her boulder helping her through it all. 

The stars of the series have suddenly become public figures with the release of Love Is Blind. With that, Colleen, Matt and the rest of the couples have undoubtedly seen fans’ comments on their relationship. Per Colleen, during the reunion she was not doing well, not because of her relationship with Matt, but because the negative commentary was still fresh and she was perhaps nervous or hyper aware of being on camera knowing there might be more backlash. On the plus side, through this experience Colleen feels even “closer” to her partner than she ever imagined. 

I’ll be honest for us all, many of us watch Love Is Blind purely for the entertainment value and perhaps to poke a little fun at the couples involved in an experiment that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to fall in love. It’s fun to discuss the contents of the episodes with other fans of Love Is Blind, and Colleen and Matt’s relationship had a lot of red flags looking from the outside in. At the end of the day though, this is the couple’s life and it’s great to see they’ve found happiness with one another and among one of a few couples who ended up together. Let’s give them a break!

Aside from Matt and Colleen’s happy ending, Alexa and Brennon got married in front of the cameras and remain a strong couple. Then, while SK rejected Raven at the altar, the couple revealed they began dating again and are happy doing long distance. On the other side of things, both Bartise/Nancy and Cole/Zanab are couples not on talking terms. There was a mix of happy and sad endings for Love Is Blind Season 3, but Colleen is assuring viewers she’s a-ok with Matt – it’s dealing with our commentary that has been a lot.

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