Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How Stranger Things Got Her Out Of A Ticket After Being Pulled Over

Eleven in underground bunker in Stranger Things
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It’s hard to believe that Stranger Things will be coming to an end with the next season, and the fame that the young cast was catapulted to will likely stick. Millie Bobby Brown has certainly expanded beyond Eleven (particularly with the Enola Holmes movies), but it was Stranger Things that got her out of tickets after being pulled over.

Millie Bobby Brown took part in the fan-favorite WIRED Autocomplete Interview, which involves celebrities answering questions in the form of Google searches. One of the searches asked if the actress knows how to drive, and she revealed that she has had her license since she was 16 and has only been pulled over twice. All she had to do was show a very particular tattoo to get out of a ticket:

I’m a really good driver. I actually only got pulled over twice before, and I just showed them the old [holds up her arm to show 011 tattoo] and he let me go, so…I don’t recommend that, though. I was terrified actually the whole time, and I didn’t get a ticket which was great.

The 001 tattoo is a nod to, of course, Eleven in Stranger Things, as it was the number that the character was given during her time as a test subject. Millie Bobby Brown has had it for a while now, and it’s definitely funny to know she was able to get an extra advantage out of it. Hopefully she doesn't keep getting pulled over and stretching her luck with that tattoo!

A Stranger Things prop tattoo was one of the things that Millie Bobby Brown took from the set after the first season. Now that she seems to have a permanent one, she not only has a reminder of her character with her forever, but it’s something she can use as a humble brag and perhaps as a means to get out of something she really doesn’t want to do.

Meanwhile, with the way things have been going for Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things isn't the only streaming project that has earned her some bragging rights. Critics are raving about Enola Holmes 2, Brown’s newest movie on Netflix, which follows the young detective in search of a little girl’s missing sister. The actress also expressed interest in playing Britney Spears in a future biopic, so who knows what’s next for her?

As for Stranger Things, fans are preparing themselves for what could very well be a very emotional end to the Netflix series. Maya Hawke wants Robin to die in the upcoming season, while Millie Bobby Brown had a fun idea on how Stranger Things could end, and it involves a musical. There’s no telling just what Stranger Things 5 will consist of, but hopefully, we don’t lose more fan-favorite Stranger Things characters, which is a big ask.

A premiere date for Stranger Things 5 has yet to be announced, but be sure to watch all four seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix with a subscription to keep you occupied until then!

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