Modern Family's Sarah Hyland Is Heading To Streaming For Next TV Role, And It Involves Singing

Sarah Hyland pregnant in Season 10 of Modern Family
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Sarah Hyland was a familiar face on television for more than a decade thanks to her role as Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, but spent some time away from television after ending the long-running comedy in 2020. Now, Hyland is coming back to TV, and she’s heading to streaming on Peacock with a series regular role on the upcoming Pitch Perfect show

Pitch Perfect has officially landed Sarah Hyland (who debuted some short hair back in late 2021) for the TV version of the hit film franchise, which was previously announced to star familiar faces Adam Devine and Flula Borg reprising their roles of Bumper Allen and Piëter Krämer from the movies. The show picks up several years after Bumper’s last appearance in the movies. He moves to Germany after one of his songs hits big in Berlin thanks to an a capella TikTok video going viral, and that will bring him into contact with Hyland’s character. 

Bumper’s goal? To revive his music career. Hyland plays Heidi, a cheerful American who works as Bumper and Piëter’s assistant, and who is a bit odd. She has a dream of becoming a singer and songwriter herself, and performs original songs in a Berlin cabaret when she’s not working with her bosses. There aren’t too many details about Heidi or what her dynamic with her bosses will be like, but it seems safe to say that viewers will get to see Hyland singing her best! Piëter will be in the mix as a music manager who has exactly one client: Bumper.

While Pitch Perfect did play a lot for laughs – particularly with Bumper – the films were always packed full of great singing, so it stands to reason that the actress best known for playing Haley Dunphy will get to show off an impressive singing voice as well. In a fun twist, it will also be Sarah Hyland’s TV reunion with Adam Devine, who played Haley’s love interest Andy on the series, although Haley ultimately ended up with somebody else. Bumper is definitely no Andy, and Heidi sounds very different from Haley, but Modern Family fans should be able to enjoy the little reunion for Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect also cast two other new stars for the streaming series, with Jameela Jamil of The Good Place and the upcoming She-Hulk playing Gisela, a German pop star who is on her way up the ladder in showbiz. She’s Bumper’s main rival to take center stage at a German Unity Day concert, with the sticky issue that she’s Piëter’s ex-girlfriend. Anna actress Lera Above is on board to play Piëter’s sister, a.k.a. DJ Das Boot, who is a music producer and DJ in Berlin. 

There are no details just yet about when Pitch Perfect will come to Peacock as a TV series, but production is expected to begin soon in Berlin. Although the Pitch Perfect films aren’t available on any major streaming platform currently, you can see Sarah Hyland in action in all eleven seasons of Modern Family streaming on Hulu now with a Hulu subscription. If you’re in the market for some viewing options while waiting for Peacock’s Pitch Perfect, check out our 2022 TV schedule!

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