Pitch Perfect Is Becoming A Streaming TV Series Starring One Of The Film's Leads

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If you've been awaiting aca-mazing news on the Pitch Perfect front since the third film in the franchise released in 2017, well, today just might be your lucky day. While it doesn't look like there are plans for Pitch Perfect 4 on the horizon, that doesn't mean that the a cappella shenanigans of the students (and alums) of Barden University are completely over, as it's been announced that the movie is set to become a streaming TV series, and will star one of the film's leads: Adam Devine.

Today, Peacock announced that it had given a straight to series order to a Pitch Perfect show, and that it will have Adam Devine as one its stars. Devine portrayed vocal villain (and leader of the Barden Bellas' rival a cappella group, the Treblemakers) Bumper Allen in the first two films, and is returning to reprise his role as the egotistical songster in the show. Those who tune in will follow Bumper as he moves to Germany in order to attempt to revive his music career after one of his songs becomes a big hit in Berlin, several years after his time at Barden.

Even better than the news of Adam Devine returning to the franchise for the new series, fans can also be assured that the material will be handled in a way that pays respect to the movies, because several of the behind the scenes players will be involved in the show, as well. Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman of Brownstone Productions will be executive producing, along with Paul Brooks and Scott Neimeyer from Gold Circle Films, and Megan Amram, with star Adam Devine also executive producing.

Those who love the films will know that Banks appeared in all three of the Pitch Perfect movies, along with directing the second one, which led to the movie hitting the history books for having the highest opening weekend for a musical, the best opening for a first-time feature film director, and the second-largest opening for a female director, when it debuted in 2015. Brownstone and Gold Circle were behind production on the entire film series.

Luckily, Pitch Perfect is being billed as a show that will add to the many memorable musical moments given to us by the movies, as the statement released by Peacock notes that it will provide "more earworm classics for super fans to enjoy." Plus with the focus on Devine's character in this spinoff, it's been said that we can look forward to him "bringing fans the quirky, laugh-out-loud sensibility they loved in the film franchise."

While this will be a new type of take on Pitch Perfect, it definitely sounds like a plan is in place to make sure that fans are going to find the same enjoyment in the series as they did in the films. And, even though there don't seem to be firm intentions right now to have anyone else from the movies show up, there's always a possibility.

We don't know when Pitch Perfect will arrive on Peacock yet or how many episodes it will have, but there will probably be more details coming over the next several months.

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