Netflix Continues Original Content Purge, This Time With A Series It Saved From Cancellation

It looks like Netflix is taking another page out of HBO Max’s book as they announced a big show, which is also a Netflix Original, will be removed from the platform. While the legacy streaming service has been canceling shows left and right, now it's completely removing a finished series, as fans noticed that Arrested Development will be leaving the platform on March 14. 

While Netflix has been canceling shows with only one or two seasons, this removal is a new move from the company, and a surprising one, in my opinion. The streamer posted on Arrested Development’s page that it would leave on March 14. It’s unclear if the show will move to another streamer or get lost in the streaming abyss. This is because the hit comedy is in a funky position considering Netflix saved it from cancellation after Fox nixed it, and made the last two seasons original to the streamer.

Shows come and go from Netflix; Friends moved to HBO Max, The Office and Parks and Recreation moved to Peacock, and the list goes on. So, if Arrested Development fell in that category – which it would have based on Seasons 1-3 – it would make sense that when a contract ended, it would move. However, this cult classic is in an odd place because Netflix saved it from cancellation, and brought it back for Seasons 4 and 5, making it a Netflix Original. 

To try and hypothesize where Arrested Development might land next it’s worth looking at what happened to quite a few HBO shows. Following the surprise cancellations of Westworld and Minx, which was in production for Season 2 when it got the news, all the shows found new homes either on a third-party, free, ad-supported streaming service (FAST) or another platform. While shows like The Nevers, The Time Traveler’s Wife and Westworld are going to FAST streamers, Minx Season 2 will be making its way to STARZ. So, it will be interesting to see if the comedy makes its way to a third-party platform or over to a more mainstream streamer.

Considering Arrested Development started out on Fox, I could see the series moving over to Hulu, since many Fox shows are available on that platform. It would also make sense that the semi-Netflix Original would move to another platform following the end of a contract, considering Daredevil moved to Disney+ despite it originating on Netflix.

However, it’s also possible we might never see Arrested Development again (unless you have it on DVD) considering the last time Netflix pulled an HBO Max, they canceled two already completed movies. In HBO Max's case, their movies will likely never see the light of day, however, Netflix didn’t just throw these movies into a black hole to be forgotten, they are giving filmmakers the opportunity to shop their projects. So, it’s possible the comedy starring Jason Bateman and Will Arnett will not find a new home, however, considering its cult following I’d assume we’ll see it pop up somewhere sometime soon. 

While it won’t be on Netflix much longer, and considering its unknown future, make sure to use your Netflix subscription to watch Arrested Development now before it leaves the streamer on March 14. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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