Netflix's Money Heist Star Shares Reaction To Korean Remake Trailer, And Why He's 'Excited' For It

Alvaro Morte as The Professor in Money Heist
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Netflix may grab a lot of headlines for offerings like Stranger Things, but its international shows are also wildly successful with subscribers. So successful, in fact, that the Spanish drama Money Heist is getting a Korean remake, and even the star of the original is excited to see how it turns out. 

Actor and Money Heist star Alvaro Morte recently opened up about his iconic character, known as Professor, and his reaction to the upcoming Korean series called Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area. Morte talked to about the trailer and shared his thoughts on the project:

I just saw the trailer of Money Heist Korea and I think it is very good. Korean people know how to do it. They know how to show fiction and action and I’m pretty sure it is going to be very good. I hope they are doing great.

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area has the thumbs up from Alvaro Morte, and that’s just based on the trailer. Netflix has certainly had success with Korean dramas as well, such as Squid Game. In fact, the Korean remake of Money Heist stars Park Hae-soo, known to many Squid Game fans as Cho Sang-woo or Player 218. Korean dramas are definitely an increasing presence in pop culture, so Morte undoubtedly isn't the only one excited about the upcoming remake of Money Heist

A new take on a beloved series like Money Heist means a new take on a character that he helped make famous, The Professor. Alvaro Morte is psyched about what he’s seen so far, and shared what he’s really excited about when it comes to the cast:

I don’t know the cast but hopefully one day we could meet and discuss, ‘Hey how did you approach the character of The Professor and build it up? Because I did it this way and I would like to know how you have done it.’ I am pretty excited about that actually.

Alvaro Morte’s Professor will be played by actor Yoo Ji-tae, who is also known for his role in 2003’s Oldboy. The trailer for Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area has already teased that the story will have differences from the original Money Heist, so it’s unclear at this time just how similar the two characters will be. I’m sure Morte and many others are excited to watch it all the same, and eager to see yet another international series potentially reach great success on Netflix. 

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, June 24. The series looks action-packed, but time will tell if it’ll live up to the legacy of the original Money Heist and be another hit for the streaming service.

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