Outer Banks' Madelyn Cline Reveals 'Incredible Lessons' From Glass Onion Cast That Impacted Her Season 3 Performance

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While all of us Outer Banks fans have known about Madelyn Cline since Sarah Cameron came on the screen in Season 1, many were introduced to her when she appeared in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery as Whiskey. This hit whodunnit marks the biggest movie the actress has been in, and the most famous cast she’s ever worked with. Now, as Season 3 of Outer Banks premieres on the 2023 TV schedule, the actress is looking back at her time on Rian Johnson’s film, and how that impacted her performance in the latest season of the hit Netflix adventure series. 

I think what differentiates the experience of working with the Outer Banks cast as opposed to the Glass Onion cast is the fact that Cline has come up in the industry with her OBX co-stars, whereas she was joining an ensemble of well-established actors in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out sequel. The actress reflected on going from the set of the whodunnit back to the world of the Pogues, and the lessons she brought back to the Outer Banks, telling EW:

I wrapped Knives Out the beginning of September, and then we went back to film Outer Banks in February. Outer Banks is so physically demanding and emotionally demanding, so it was nice to have a little bit of time to prepare myself going into the new season. And I also had time to take the lessons that I learned from the Glass Onion set, the incredible cast, and Rian Johnson as a director, and really try to bring all the knowledge I could from Glass Onion to Outer Banks, because I learned so much.

Obviously working with actors like Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monáe, Dave Bautista and more, would be a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for anyone, however, Cline explained she had no idea just how transformative her time on Glass Onion would be. As she prepared to return to the Outer Banks she thought about everything she took away from her time on the Knives Out mystery, and said:

I was just so excited to have that extra foundation, but, I mean, I was always too scared to ask my Glass Onion cast 'what's your method?' even though I was so hungry to learn from them. But honestly, the most incredible lessons they taught me was just from having the absolute pleasure of watching them work and be in the midst of their craft. It was so wonderful. The biggest, most helpful lesson is with the absolute freedom with which they worked and how they were on set — if they didn't like anything that they did, it was just, 'We'll cut that,' and they would just start over. There wasn't so much pressure that they put on themselves, they just allowed themselves to be in the moment and be free and try things and maybe fail and we'll try it again, we'll do another take.

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I’d assume seeing A-list actors like the A-list Glass Onion ensemble ask for another take, and really work to be the best they can be would have not only been enlightening, but reassuring. Cline noted how physically and emotionally demanding Outer Banks is to film (I mean her beau John B. almost dies in every episode), and having the confidence to ask questions, and run things one more time, must have made her job in Season 3 much easier. She also noted how demanding Sarah's story is this season, and she said the lessons she learned allowed her to take Sarah to new heights.  

While Cline and the OBX cast admitted they would have tapped out of the treasure hunt a long time ago, the Pogues are still at it, and the actress is still on this wild adventure as Sarah Cameron. Luckily, between seasons of the hit show, the actors on Outer Banks have had time to take on other projects. So, Cline got to join the cast of Glass Onion, learn loads, and bring it all back to enhance her performance in Season 3 of Netflix's hit series. 

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