Pete Davidson And Kaley Cuoco’s New Meet Cute Movie Has People Feeling Deceived

Meet Cute
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Meet Cute co-starring Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco is streaming now for Peacock subscribers. It is about a woman who goes back to relive the best first date of her life with her boyfriend Gary. As she keeps reliving the day, she tries to fix her relationship with her boyfriend by molding him from that first date. But  it turns out he was the perfect guy all along. While the “reliving the same day” trope has been done before in movies like Groundhog Day and Palm Springs, audiences feel pretty deceived by some of the themes in Meet Cute, claiming it offers a negative outlook on how women stereotypically behave in relationships.

Several tweets and Facebook posts about the film are less than positive, speculating about what some of the themes are trying to say about men and women. One viewer on Facebook pointed out that the message was a bit off, and suggests that the title was misleading, saying:

I’m not sure the title goes with the movie. That’s deceiving. It’s actually really not funny or cute… I’m not sure what it is…. Is it like an in depth look at what women do to highjack relationships instead of just being part of one??? And as pointed out in other comments - the ending tho….

A user on Twitter found the film to be enjoyable, however had misgivings about some of the plot elements as well.

#meetcute is such a good movie, excellent acting as well. The only part that rubbed me the wrong way is the emotional manipulation

Another Facebook user echoed this sentiment, and had a hard time wrapping their head around some of the messages within this film, and didn’t like what Kaley Cuoco’s character did to Pete Davidson, saying:

It's about a girl with bpd that tries and fails to get Pete to fall in love with her until she threatens suicide and he gives in. Terrible moral, they tried to make her manipulation and narcissism cute and romantic, it's not... that type of behavior is pathological abuse.

Clearly the title led audiences in the wrong direction, not thinking this “meet” was very cute at all. Currently, Meet Cute is receiving mixed reviews, with some audiences praising the film for its unique take on the genre, and performances by Cuoco and Davidson. Others enjoyed its complex ending, claiming the film added dimension to the common tropes of romantic comedies. 

As mentioned previously, time-travel is a common theme in many films, however in this film, Kaley Cuoco’s character is actively trying to relive the same date over and over in order to fix her own relationship. Her mental health is a factor in this decision, which it seems many users don’t approve of being used as a plot device for her behavior in Meet Cute. This is certainly a divisive opinion and I’m sure many Peacock users will have a lot of differing opinions on this aspect of the film. 

Meet Cute is one of many great Peacock Originals streaming now. For more information on more films coming to streaming later this fall, check out our 2022 movie schedule. In addition, you can catch Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant streaming now for HBO Max subscribers, and her co-star Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies, in theaters now.

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