Robert Downey Jr. Hit The Red Carpet After Going Bald And Beautiful For New TV Role

Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers: Endgame
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It’s been an interesting year for former Avenger Robert Downey Jr. and his hair. Previously the MCU veteran had been seen out and about with blue hair, and now he’s shaved almost all of it off for his next role. Seen promoting the new movie release Sr., Downey has now properly shown off his bald and beautiful look on the red carpet, and it looks good on the man.

Spotted at the San Sebastián Film Festival, Robert Downey Jr. was among several people on hand to promote the documentary about his father, filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. While this wasn’t our first look at this change in appearance, it’s a clearer look look at the shave and a haircut Downey received from his kids. You can check that out, sans pumpkin makeup, through the photo below: 

RDJ on the red carpet with a shaved head

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In his first TV role since Ally McBeal, Robert Downey Jr. will be taking on a variety of roles in The Sympathizer, a limited series adaptation of author Viet Thanh Nguyen’s novel of the same name. One would think that a shaved head would help out with that task, as a variety of wild hair pieces could be fitted to Downey’s scalp. 

Though as you’ll see in the photo above, the Avengers Endgame performer will definitely need another shave if he’s trying to maintain his newfound smoothness. While this bald look is certainly new for the man, Robert Downey Jr. wears it like a champ. 

The Instagram video that showed the process being carried out by his family eased the world into this new era, and now we can see Downey’s smooth sensibilities with more familiarity. Here’s another photo from the Sr. red carpet event, this time posing Robert with the film’s producers, as well as executive members of the SFIFF: 

(L-R) Producer Emily Barclay Ford, producer Kevin Ford, SSFILM Director of Programming Jessie Fairbanks, Susan Downey, Producer Robert Downey Jr., SSFILM Executive Director Anne Lai and director Chris Smith arrive at the closing night screening of "Sr." at SFFILM Presents 2022 Documentary Film Showcase Doc Stories at Queer Arts Featured on November 06, 2022 in San Francisco, California.

(Image credit: (Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images))

The reaction to Sr. has been quite positive, with our own Jerrica Tisdale deeming the film a must-see. Debuting his new look in a more public setting, Robert Downey Jr. is set to potentially receive even more raves for this fresh appearance of his as the world takes it in.

Should it become a big enough hit, who’s to say that Downey won’t continue to rock the look, entering a new era of roles accompanying such a choice?  Maybe another professional rebirth awaits the man who was once iron.

The Sympathizer is currently in production, and as such there’s no specified date for its future HBO Max premiere. However, Robert Downey Jr. fans can next see the man help pay tribute to his late father in the documentary Sr., which is set to debut on December 2nd. Readers with a current Netflix subscription will be able to enjoy that film when it debuts, so keep that in mind as the month goes on. 

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