Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Defends Her Villain Role And Jokes About Jumping To Different Streaming Service

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For the better part of five seasons on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, a reality show about one luxury L.A. real estate agency, main castmate Christine Quinn has been serving all the looks and all the drama. Put simply, she’s been the touted “villain,” propelling the allegedly unscripted storylines forward with her co-workers/co-stars. However, Quinn as since exited the infamous Oppenheim Group to start up her own cryptocurrency brokerage. Questions continue to linger as a result on whether the reality queen bee will still return in some capacity on the show, but it doesn’t look good. In yet another contradictory interview, she defended her villainy while also joking about jumping to a different streaming service.

In a profile for the New York Times, the journalist pointedly noted the 33-year-old’s seemingly inconsistent nature, or how she is oft to say one thing and do another like on the show. They wrote that she ordered a glass of champagne that she said she would but “sip” on, only to request another later. Speaking about her perceived ruthlessness on Selling Sunset at the same time, Quinn emphasized that unlike the rest of the cast, she could see the bigger picture, saying:

I feel like I was the only one that understood the assignment. I was the only one that said, 'Hey, this is a show, and I’m going to give the world a show.’

This is where the confusion comes in. Although she claims to have “understood” the assignment as a reality TV villain, she also has frequently lamented the edit for making her appear that way or for viewers perceiving it as something more than a role she’s just playing at. As a result, she’s taken to calling out the storylines for being fake on a regular basis – which is common enough in the reality TV world, but her co-stars deny that they themselves are being anything more than who they really are. So, I guess the real question is: did Christine Quinn actually understand the assignment or woefully misunderstand it?

In a previous podcast interview, the reality star was even more candid on what’s been going on behind the scenes of the Netflix streamer. Apparently, one executive producer was banned from set because of his supposedly “horrifying” behavior toward Christine Quinn. She also claimed that the entire cast had been initially misled into thinking Selling Sunset was going to be a show about female empowerment, not a show about female catfights.

She mentioned in the same interview that production was well aware going into Season 5 that she was leaving the Oppenheim Group to start her own business. They ultimately focused on her personal disagreements with the ladies – such as a bribery allegation leveled against her in the finale, which the real estate agent maintains is completely untrue. Other statements by the TV personality made on her book press tour of late suggest that she really won’t be filming Season 6 of the series after all, despite previously hinting that she was in talks to be part of things in some capacity. The NYT profile all but appeared to confirm her full exit, especially when Quinn quipped:

Hulu, give me a call.

Selling Sunset has since officially been renewed for two more seasons. And while Christine Quinn’s standing is still unclear, what is certain is that another alum altogether is making her own exit. There’s been several developments in the intervening months with the remaining cast, though, to include Heather Rae Young getting pregnant and Chrishell Stause’s ever-evolving romantic life. So, all in all, the show will go on with or without Quinn’s involvement. But I'm still not too convinced it survive the latter...

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