Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Fans Aren't Pleased After First Shot At Major Award Nominations Comes Up Mostly Empty

Anson Mount in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds recently wrapped up Season 1, putting a cap on a season that some might call the best start for any series in the franchise to date. Many Paramount+ subscribers loved the season and want the series to be rewarded with award show recognition in return. Well, the Emmy nominations were announced, and while the Trek series wasn’t completely snubbed, it was overlooked in a lot of major categories. 

The Emmy nominations went out, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds scored a single nomination for Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour). It’s an honor to be nominated, as always, but there are some Trek fans who aren’t pleased that the Anson Mount-led series came up mostly empty when it came to nominations. One posted: 

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Fans felt that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds deserved recognition in other categories as well, but apparently, Emmy decision-makers didn’t. The costume work, despite the slightly toned-down look compared to the original series, was top-notch. Let’s also not forget that Anson Mount’s hair for Captain Pike alone should’ve gotten a trophy for hair and makeup!

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Jokes aside, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds really pulled out all the stops in Season 1 and did everything from killing off the beloved fan-favorite Hemmer to remaking a classic Star Trek episode with Paul Wesley’s Captain Kirk. Oh yeah, and it introduced an exciting new character with deep ties to Spock’s villainous brother featured in the movies, Sybok. The show seemed worthy of more than technical recognition, and others believe that as well: 

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At the same time, one award nomination is better than zero. While there were many celebrating Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ one nomination and Picard’s four nominations, others were quick to notice that Discovery got no nominations:

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It’s hard to argue against that statement, and I’ll agree that it’s sad to see this struggling to get meaningful nominations in what feels like a Trek TV renaissance. It's not like awards are likely to make fans watch any more than they are, but it’d be nice to see the cast and crew of all Star Trek shows get more recognition for their impressive work over the past year:

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As for Strange New Worlds specifically, perhaps Season 2 will garner more awards for the series. Melissa Navia went on the record that Season 2 is better than the first, and Christina Chong also stood by that claim. Paul Wesley’s James Kirk will have a larger role in the upcoming season, and even apparently interact with his future best friend Spock, so perhaps the Emmys will look different for this show next time around.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 is available to stream in its entirety on Paramount+. Season 2 is on the way, and the creative team is already doing some work to prepare for Season 3 once that’s officially green-lit, so the show will likely continue regardless of rewards.

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