The Devil's Hour: 6 Things To Know Before You Watch The Series

Peter Capaldi on The Devil's Hour
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Over the years, Amazon has gone from being a place where you can buy books on the cheap to offering one of the best streaming services when it comes to the amount of shows, movies, and documentaries available to subscribers. There have been amazing Amazon Prime Video original shows like The Boys with its iconic characters, action-dramas like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, which is returning for a third season in December 2022, and much, much more.

One of the newest additions to that list, and the 2022 fall TV schedule, is The Devil’s Hour, a tense, terrifying, and thrilling drama series centering on a woman losing her grip on reality as well as a vicious murder that could be more than it seems. If you’re on the fence about adding another show to your rotation, or would simply like to know more about the new show, stick around and let us break down a few things you should know before you watch…

The Devil’s Hour Centers On A Social Worker Who Wakes Up At 3:33 Every Morning

The main storyline in The Devil’s Hour centers on a social worker named Lucy Chambers, who’s played by Call the Widwife’s Jessica Raine. Each night, Lucy wakes up at 3:33 a.m., covered with sweat as she is ripped from nightmares that pose more questions than answers. But that isn’t the only mystery in Lucy’s life, as her young son, Isaac (Benjamin Chivers) is emotionless and mostly silent except for when talking about imaginary people in the home.

The Series Also Focuses On A Detective Who's Investigating A Homicide

The Devil’s Hour also focuses on Detective Inspector Ravi Dhillon (Nikesh Patel) and his investigation into a brutal homicide. The star of shows like Starstruck, Indian Summers, and Four Weddings and a Funeral plays an effective yet squeamish investigator at the center of a murder mystery who has some kind of mysterious connection with Lucy Chambers.

The Devil’s Hour Is One Part Crime Drama And One Part Psychological Thriller

If you are looking for a show that blends the worlds of psychological thrillers and and crime dramas, then The Devil’s Hour is worth checking out. Its multifaceted story combines elements of each genre to create an engaging yet unnerving experience.

Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi Gives A Menacing And Mysterious Performance

Peter Capaldi played the Twelfth Doctor on the long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who, but he plays a much different character on The Devil’s Hour. Dark, dangerous, and mysterious, Capaldi’s character, Gideon, is seen toying with Lucy Chambers throughout the first episode. Confined to an interrogation room throughout their conversations, the actor is menacing in one of his first major TV roles since playing the Time Lord.

All Six Episodes Are Streaming Now

Sometimes, new episodes of Prime Video shows will be released weekly while other series are released all at once. The Devil’s Hour falls in the latter, as all six episodes of the drama series were released together on October 28, 2022. Each episode is around one hour in length, so it shouldn’t take too long to knock out the entire first season in a weekend, or a day if you’re really committed.

The Devil’s Hour Is Rated 16+ Due To Violence, Sexual Content And Language

The Devil’s Hour has its fair share of violence, sexual content, and language that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. That being said, the series carries a 16+ rating on Prime Video.

The Devil’s Hour is currently streaming in its entirety on Prime Video, but please note, you’ll need an active Prime Video or Amazon Prime subscription to watch the show and other Prime Video content. 

Stream The Devil’s Hour on Prime Video.

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