The Jonas Brothers Are Getting Roasted In A Netflix Special, So Bring On The Burnin’ Up Jokes

Jonas Brothers announcing their Netflix special
(Image credit: Netflix/YouTube)

Though the Jonas Brothers are currently wrapping up their most recent tour, their next collaboration is already set: a roast special! Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas will all be on the frontlines when some of their famous friends come together to drop some zingers at their expense, and it'll be on Netflix for their fans to see. So bring on those "Burnin' Up" jokes!

The trio of brothers, who made their major comeback in 2019 after a several-year hiatus, jointly confirmed that they would be at the center of the new Netflix comedy special, appropriately titled Jonas Brothers Family Roast. In the hilarious announcement video, Nick and Kevin try to explain the idea of the roast and reveal who's set to take part in it. All the while, Joe Jonas merely repeats the word “Roasted,” because he’s not too sure how it actually works. 

The special, hosted by SNL icon Kenan Thompson, is said to include sketches, songs and games. The lineup of roasters includes Niall Horan, Pete Davidson, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, John Legend, Lilly Singh, Jack Whitehall and more. Jokes will likely zero in on the group’s Disney days, some of their earlier songs, and Joe and Nick Jonas' highly publicized relationships over the years. Nick is said to have been the cause of the band's initial breakup, so that could also come up once or twice. Check out the announcement video from Netflix for yourself down below:

Of course, the siblings are only the latest stars to have a roast in their honor. Plenty of celebrities have been in the hot seat (thanks to networks like Comedy Central), from musician Justin Bieber to actor James Franco. Even Two and a Half Men vet Charlie Sheen and comedy legend Bob Saget have been on the receiving end of some major jokes. Ultimately, such an event results in a hilarious time for viewers and those involved.

From what viewers have seen in the past, there's usually no limit when it comes to the jokes, so it’s going to be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. The Jonas Brothers were “the” boy band in the mid 2000s, thanks in large part to their presence on Disney Channel. It'll be interesting to see how the roasters play on that key fact.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast premieres worldwide on Netflix in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. So it would seem that turkeys won't be the only things getting roasted over the holiday. The three brothers are the type of guys who can take a joke, so there likely won't be any hard feelings by the end of it. 

Don't miss the special when it hits the streamer on Tuesday, November 23!  

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