The Letterkenny Cast Reveal The 'Annoying' Actor Tropes They Realize That They Do During Filming

Actors are a unique and creative bunch. Sometimes extreme measures are taken in order for them to tap into the flow they need to hone their craft and express themselves in various art forms. While some famously go further than others, such as Daniel Day Lewis and his notorious method acting practices, others like Johnny Depp are said to live almost identically to a single character they are well-known for playing. The cast of the hit Hulu show Letterkenny recently found out the hard way while filming season 11 that they are not so different when it comes to actor tropes.

Regardless of the level of commitment, there are certain key habits that a lot of actors find themselves doing. The cast of Letterkenny recently revealed how the show has impacted their real-world vocabulary and also spoke about how the exercise of poking fun at stereotypical actor quirks helped them realized that they, too, are sometimes the butt of their own jokes.

Tyler Johnston, who plays the "skid" Stewert on the show, talked about one technique that the characters on the show poked fun at that he himself had used, until a director helped him simply reverse the idea. As he explained to an interview with CinemaBlend:

With like a lot of actors, that breath before a take thing is real. I myself have found doing that for sure. There was a director one time, she's like, 'how instead of taking a breath.., she's like, 'why don't you exhale?' I was like, 'Hey!'

With no shortage of clever words and phrases as well as some insanely scripted dialogue, it's no surprise that the Letterkenny cast need to do everything they can to prepare and nail their hilarious lines correctly. Michelle Mylett, who plays Katie, also found herself falling victim to the breathing technique, which was a hard pill to swallow:

Maybe the inhale..I think the inhale. Yeah. Which is hard. It's a hard feedback to receive.

Regardless of how they get it done, the show has been a huge success and is easily one of the funniest shows on Hulu (or any network/platform, to be fair). The actors are so well known that sometimes Letterkenny fans have crossed the line with the actors in the real world, while others have started petitions to get one star into the MCU. So far we only have his awesome Letterkenny spinoff Shoresy, which is still a hell of a good time and also streaming on Hulu.

This latest Letterkenny season has even more fast-witted commentary, more theater-like ensemble scenes and everything else you grown to expect from our favorite group of hicks, skids, hockey players and more. So be sure to keep checking back to CinemaBlend for the latest news from our friends up north. And if you haven't seen any of Letterkenny, then start dickerin' to find $7.99 a month and sign up for a Hulu subscription

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