The Sweet Reason That '70s Show's Ashton Kutcher Wanted To Reprise Kelso For That '90s Show

Ashton Kutcher on That '70s Show
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Fans of Fox’s hit sitcom That ‘70s Show were reunited with the Point Place gang and met some new faces in Netflix’s sequel series That ‘90s Show. With the majority of the cast returning, whether it be just for a cameo or for the full season, the series hit people with some major nostalgia. One of the most anticipated, and for a while, unknown, returns was Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso. But to him, it was a no-brainer to return to his roots.

When the cast of a show or movie stays in touch after the project ends it goes to show just how close they got while filming, this seems to be true for the crew of That ‘70s Show. There was a Point Place reunion of sorts on Ashton Kutcher’s Netflix series The Ranch when Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith were both brought on for recurring roles. Now, following Kutcher's exciting cameo on the '70s Show spinoff, the Your Place or Mine cast member told Us Magazine the sweet reason why he decided to reprise Kelso for That ‘90s Show, and Smith and Rupp had something to do with it:

It was so cool. Kurtwood and Debra Jo are so amazing. I was doing The Ranch on Netflix, and both of them came and were on the show. I love them dearly. I love the whole cast of the show, everybody that we worked with. I grew up with that team. Being able to go back in there and re-experience it was super nostalgic and really fun.

It’s definitely sweet that Ashton Kutcher wanted to be back with everyone when given the chance. It likely helped that he got to work with Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith on The Ranch again, which probably reminded him about all the good times he had on That ‘70s Show. The spinoff also allowed him to work with Mila Kunis again, which was likely less awkward this time this time around since they’re actually married. 

After That ‘90s Show was announced, it was hard to predict who would or wouldn’t return to Point Place, especially since a lot of the cast are busy with other projects. Kutcher updated fans on That ‘90s Show last summer after it was revealed he and Mila Kunis would be reprising their beloved roles as Kelso and Jackie. He was as excited as ever, mentioning that the two of them are only in the position they’re in because of the Fox hit. Even though it was only for one episode, it was better than nothing, and it felt like nothing had changed when Kelso came into the Formans’ kitchen yelling, “Burn!”

Meanwhile, fans will have more chances to see their Point Place favorites since That ‘90s Show scored an early renewal from Netflix. It’s unknown how much we’ll see the original gang in Season 2, but hopefully they will. In my opinion, it seems like they all had a blast reprising their roles, so it won’t be surprising if they want to do it again. Though fingers crossed they’re on screen more and interact with each other. 

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