Vikings: Valhalla Season 3: What We Know About The Series

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 brought all of its backstabbing and brutal battles back to the small screen, which once again led to the series spending the weeks after its release among Netflix’s Top 10 trending shows. Now that fans have gotten to see all of the exciting things in the second season, and we’ve thought about where Freydís, Harald, Leif, and their allies and enemies, ended up by the finale, our minds have naturally turned toward what’s next.

Luckily for everyone with a Netflix subscription who simply can’t get enough of the historical action of this Vikings sequel, Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 was confirmed way back in early March 2022, and will have eight episodes. And, we do have other bits of information that we know about it, which we’ll share with you right now!

What Is The Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Premiere Date?

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Though we've known for quite some time that Vikings: Valhalla would, indeed, return for a third season of beserker-based mayhem, there's no word right now on when, exactly, the new season will hit its streaming home. We are without even a release window as of late January 2023, but fans can hope that the early months of 2024 will bring Season 3 with them, as each previous season has debuted in either January or February.

Goran Visnjic And Florian Munteanu Have Joined The Cast

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As of late January 2023, there’s been no complete confirmation on who from the main cast will return to the historical drama, though it’s expected that those who portray characters who actually survived will continue to be featured when the third season rolls around. However, we do know that at least two new cast members have been set, with Deadline announcing in June 2022 that Goran Visnjic has joined the cast, and The Hollywood Reporter revealing in May of the same year that Florian Munteanu would appear.

Visnjic (ER, Timeless, The Boys) is portraying someone we’ve heard about on the show before: Freydís and Leif’s incredibly dangerous father, Erik the Red. As of the end of Season 2 the character is assumed to still be living out his exile in Greenland for crimes he perpetrated in Norway and Iceland, so we don’t know how or in what capacity he’ll show up in the third installment. But, it’s being said that Visnjic’s time on the show will lead to a “major multi-year arc,” provided that Valhalla is, in fact, renewed beyond Season 3.

Munteanu (Creed II and III, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the Borderlands cast) will step onto the screen as General George Maniakes, another real historical figure who was a member of the Byzantine Empire, and later led a revolt against the emperor. With Harald and Leif arriving in Constantinople (the capital of the empire) at the end of Season 2, we could see Munteanu play a rather large part in the upcoming episodes.

Filming Took Place In 2022 And Is Now Complete

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This show has not disappointed when it comes to delivering new episodes to fans on a regular basis, and while we don’t have a confirmed release date for Season 3 just yet, we might not have to wait too long to see it. When the renewal was confirmed, Entertainment Weekly reported that filming was set to begin in the spring of 2022. Star Frida Gustavsson did later reveal to E! News that filming on the upcoming season was complete as of mid-January 2023, noting that we’ll have to “wait a little bit longer” for it to air. 

Again, this means that the third set of episodes could arrive on the streamer in early 2024, which would match the releases of Seasons 1 and 2.

Season 3 Will See Harald In Constantinople

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Harald, Leif and their crew of misfit passengers fought many hard battles to get to Constantinople by the end of the second season, but they managed to do so with several of the good people in their traveling party alive and only somewhat harmed. And, in a January 2023 interview with Tudum, show creator Jeb Stuart revealed that we’ll get to see Harald spend time in the famed city, as he continues his plan to take back the position of King of Norway, which had been promised to him:

We know he did make it to Constantinople, and we know he spent quite a few years in Constantinople, which is coming down the road in Season 3.

We don’t know just how much time will be covered in the new season, but with Season 2 taking place over the course of nearly a year, they’ll be able to do a lot in eight episodes.

The Third Season Will Be ‘Like A Novel’

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Stuart also spoke to Collider in the lead up to Season 2’s release, and talked about how he planned Seasons 1 through 3 as a “block” that fits together, adding:

I think you'll see when you see Season 2 and Season 3. It's almost like a novel. It has these wonderful time-jumps and growth in terms of particular characters. And like a really big, great novel, it's got several under-stories that are holding things up that you don't really feel. They're like leitmotifs that you don't really see, but you suddenly feel them there.

I can’t wait to see how all the action comes together in the third season, as I’m sure there will be more delicious surprises in store!

The Vikings Might Head To The New World In Season 3

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The creator also revealed to Collider that part of his goal was to track these historical figures as they adventured around the globe, with his ultimate goal being to get them to the New World. And, with the show only confirmed for three seasons so far, it sounds like his plan is to get the Vikings there at least by the end of the next season. Stuart said:

From a historical standpoint, Harald got thrust out of Scandinavia and so these guys become fugitives from that point on, and that really set the standard because we then had to build the Viking legacy…outside of Scandinavia. You have to be a Viking somewhere else, and it is a challenge, and it's great for all their characters. So I knew what Season 3 was going to be. I knew where Season 3 was going to be because of that change of culture, I knew that we have to eventually get to the New World.

Again, we don’t have any clue if the show will be able to spend significant time in the Americas before the third set of episodes come to a close, or if, as with the ending of Season 2, it will simply see some of our heroes set out for/arrive here, but we can be sure that the critically acclaimed historical spinoff will take us on another grand adventure, nonetheless.

You can watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix right now. To see what else is coming along soon, be sure to check out the 2023 TV schedule and the 2023 Netflix TV show schedule.

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