Why Katee Sackhoff Really Wants Fans To Binge Netflix's Another Life Season 2

Most sci-fi fans are pretty familiar with Katee Sackhoff’s works, as she has been in a number of the genre’s biggest and most iconic franchises. It’s her newest show, though, that’s got the actress currently attempting to corral fans’ support. Netflix's Another Life is another science-fiction drama that stars the badass blonde, and it has Sackhoff back and leading a space-based mission for the show's recently released second season. The Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars franchise actress is asking fans to binge Season 2 of Another Life on Netflix, and she has a very particular reason why.

Apparently Katee Sackhoff is really trying to take advantage of Netflix’s algorithm, because she’s asking fans to watch Another Life Season 2 as fast as they can, and isn't against everyone watching multiple times, either. In an interview with TV Insider, Sackhoff says she's seeing a certain kind of fan response that she wants to change up in a way that can actually benefit the show's shot at a future on the streaming service. Here’s what the actress says, exactly:

People are like, ‘I’m just taking my time. I’m taking my time.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t take your time.’ The Netflix algorithm knows if you’ve been bingeing and it assesses how quickly you binged it to mean how much you liked it or not. So I just keep telling people, ‘Watch it faster, watch it faster, and then watch it again.’ Because it helps us get a third season.

You gotta love that kind of candid honesty. While she certainly also wants people to watch to enjoy the show's story and performances, the bottom line is very important for Netflix shows that don't get big windows of time to gain viewerships. 

That doesn’t at all mean Another Life has to be a forced watch, however. In fact, Katee Sackhoff assures fans that the series should be a natural binge, given the quick pace of the narrative. And it's not like she's just begging for a third season to happen arbitrarily, given how the show has set certain things up. Here it is in her own words:

This season is so fast-paced and so much fun, and it really sets it up to have a third season. And you see what the third season could be — and future seasons after that. It really feels like the first two seasons were just a start or just a taste of what the show could be about and setting up the future seasons.

niko holding blade in another life season 2

(Image credit: Netflix)

Season 2 of Another Life just released on Netflix on October 14, but it has a ton to compete with on the platform right now, and has not gained a spot on the coveted top ten list. The horror and thriller genre is taking over Netflix at the moment, with the new releases of Night Teeth, Season 2 of Joe Hill’s Locke & Key,  and Season 3 of You sitting pretty on the list, not to mention the streaming smash success Squid Game

That, of course, doesn’t mean a third season of Another Life won’t happen! The series has a killer and familiar cast and even if fans are taking their time and savoring the second season, shows can come back strong, especially if they have as much potential as star Katee Sackhoff sees - and she’s certainly one to trust in the sci-fi genre! So get to bingeing! 

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