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Why Kristen Bell Wouldn’t Let Dax Shepard Watch Her New Netflix Show In Advance

Kristen Bell has a new Netflix limited series, and it’s a mix of mystery and comedy. The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is a wild ride from when you first read its exhaustingly long title to its thrilling conclusion. Bell apparently wouldn’t even let her husband Dax Shepard in on any details before
the show premiered on Netflix, and she has now opened up to exactly why.

The Veronica Mars alum may have met her comedic match in her husband Dax Shepard, and the couple’s relationship is one they have taken care to keep healthy, even making couples counseling an integral part of its success. That apparently does not mean Shepherd is privy to everything his wife gets up to on set, judging by her latest approach to The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

In an interview with ET, Kristen Bell explains that she wanted her hubby to experience the show clean without any surprises. Here’s what she says, exactly:

I didn't let him see any of this. He didn't read any of it because I want him to be able to watch it and have all the surprises as an audience member.

The two stars are not only life partners, but they also work closely together too. The pair have their own streaming show together, so it may have been a case of fighting a second nature for Bell not to share her work on her new streaming show with both her real-life and work husband. 

The payoff may have been worth it, though, as The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window (Jeez, I seriously can’t get over that long AF name) is a journey that I wouldn’t have wanted spoiled for me. Hopefully, Dax Shepard feels the same, and was able to enjoy the limited series as it was intended to be watched. 

Although not quite a parody, the new series (whose ridiculously long name I refuse to say again) is a satirical psychological drama that I can best describe as Scary Movie meets Woman in the Window. Kristen Bell definitely gets a good amount of jokes in while upholding the drama of the exaggerated series, and her role as Anna might just qualify as one of Bell’s best characters.

Kristen Bell’s new limited series is one of the first in a long list of shows hitting Netflix in 2022, as it dropped to the streaming platform just a couple days ago on the 28th. Go ahead and check it out, and I’d recommend going in just as blind as Dax Shepard was -- because it’s not a show you’ll want spoiled for you.

Carlie Hoke
Carlie Hoke

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