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Even Kristen Bell’s Co-Star Has All The Jokes About Her Netflix Show’s Long AF Title

Kristen Bell on The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Netflix series The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window spawned some debate and headlines regarding the title's extreme length. The online discourse got so huge that Kristen Bell had to address it, which she defended as a nod to psychological novels by female writers being satirized by the series. Yet, after Bell defended the title, her co-star got in on the fun debate and couldn't resist a joke.

Despite its title being a parody, showrunner Rachel Ramras revealed the series was having fun with the genre rather than making fun of it. The long title may have taken up most of the spotlight, but Kristen Bell revealed there might be an even bigger spotlight hog on The Woman in the House set.

The casserole had its own dressing room, and we weren't allowed in. I guess it was like food safety and stuff. I never had an inanimate object as a scene partner, and I guess I enjoyed it, but by the end, I can do without the smell.

At least, Kristen Bell was honest about working with food in scenes. Oftentimes, food scenes look like fun, but having to eat or interact with a delicacy for multiple takes can be draining after a while. In the same interview with Entertainment Tonight, her co-star Michael Ealy saw Bell’s casserole quips as the perfect opportunity to address the show’s overly long title. Ealy hilariously responded with an even longer take on the title.  

I think Kristen, at this point, you need to go back to Netflix and add the casserole to the title. I think it should be the Women in the House With the Casserole Across the Street From the…

Of course, Ealy wanted in on the long title discourse. The casserole deserved some star treatment as Bell’s most frequent scene partner. It already has a dressing room… why not go full force with some title love? While the casserole is getting some love, why not throw in Anna’s wine obsession for good measure? Michael Ealy might be onto something...

Despite the seriously long title, Kristen Bell and Michael Ealy lead an impressive cast featuring The Umbrella Academy’s Tom Riley and Mary Holland. Much like the material the show is satirizing, Bell’s Anna spends her days watching the world outside her window and witnesses a possible murder. Ealy stars as her FBI-profiling ex-husband. The dark comedy pays homage to films like the similarly themed Netflix book-to-film adaptation of the Woman in the Window and the Emily Blunt-led The Girl on the Train.

Well, it might be a little late for a title change now as The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window premiered on Jan. 28. While you stream The Woman in the House, you can binge-watch some of Netflix’s best shows after you finish watching the new series, and check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule for more new and returning shows.

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