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Yellowstone and Star Trek Fans Should Totally Check Out Paramount+'s Black Friday Deal

James Dutton in cowboy hat in Yellowstone 1883
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With the Thanksgiving holiday and its high-calorie meals now in the past, it's now time to firmly put our attention on the future, whether that involves shopping for Christmas and/or other holidays, or just finding ways to stay entertained during time off of school and work. Thankfully, there are tons of Black Friday deals that are geared specifically to those needing more entertainment in their lives, and Paramount+'s streaming service is definitely in that mix. And fans of the ratings juggernaut Yellowstone and the ever-expanding Star Trek franchise should definitely give this one some consideration.

From now until the final minutes of Monday, November 29, Paramount+ is offering new customers a free month of its streaming content through the Black Friday deal found below:

As noted, subscribers can choose either the Essential or the Premium plan upon accepting the Black Friday deal. The former is the cheaper option, and also includes commercial breaks, but does not include local CBS affiliates. Meanwhile, the Premium plan is double the price, but is ad-free and does include Live CBS access to peep out new episodes of NCIS and Blue Bloods, among the network's many hit primetime series. What's more, new customers can save 16% off of those standard prices by paying for a full year up front.

The yearly subscription is probably best for fans of Yellowstone, Star Trek, South Park and many other franchises and shows that have large presences on Paramount+. The biggest and most glaring absence is Yellowstone itself, with the first three seasons currently streaming on Peacock as part of a prior exclusivity deal. That said, co-creator Taylor Sheridan's recent contract renewal with Paramount basically means all of his future projects, including Yellowstone's pair of already announced spinoffs, will be heading straight to streaming, minus sneak previews airing linearly on Paramount Network. Here's what fans can look forward to now and in the coming months:

  • Mayor of Kingstown - Currently airing new drama from Yellowstone actor Hugh Dillon and co-creator Taylor Sheridan
  • 1883 - Yellowstone's prequel spinoff debuting 12/19/2021
  • 6666 - Yellowstone's current-day spinoff debuting in 2022
  • Presumably all future Taylor Sheridan projects

One can only hope that Paramount+ figures out a way to get Yellowstone's seasons up sooner rather than later, but if F-bomb-filled neo-westerns aren't your bag, then the streaming service is here to fulfill all of your Star Trek needs and wishes. Here's what's currently available for sci-fi fans:

  • Currently produced shows such as Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1-4, Prodigy Season 1, Lower Decks Seasons 1-2, and Picard Season 1
  • Classic Star Trek TV shows such as The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Short Treks and The Animated Series
  • The entire Star Trek film franchise, including both the original ten-film run and J.J. Abrams' more recent trilogy

Not that Paramount+ is entirely devoted just to Kevin Costner's John Dutton and Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard. The streaming service features fan-friendly content from all of ViacomCBS' networks, from Nickelodeon to Comedy Central to MTV and beyond. It's the exclusive streaming home to all of South Park's upcoming standalone specials, including the recently released Post-Covid flash-forward special (which is marked as a movie). Here's some more awesome TV content you won't find anywhere beyond Paramount+:

  • SEAL Team, Evil, iCarly, The Good Fight are now all Paramount+ exclusives
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Doug, You Can't Do That On Television, Are You Afraid of the Dark and more classic Nickelodeon series
  • Beavis and Butt-Head, Aeon Flux, Silent Library, Celebrity Deathmatch, Wonder Showzen and more offbeat MTV originals
  • Original movies such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, Infinite and more

There are plenty of other awesome shows, movies, documentaries and more for everyone to enjoy beyond what's listed, too, of course. So click the Black Friday deal link above and get to streaming while chowing down on Thanksgiving leftovers!

Nick Venable

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