Arrow's Stephen Amell Went To Universal Hollywood And Took The Worst, Most Endearing Family Photo Ever

Stephen Amell on Arrow
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Spending time with your family can be great, even if it can sometimes bring out a variety of feelings – happy, sad, frustrating, etc. Everyone deserves to enjoy time with their loved ones, including Hollywood stars like Arrow alum Stephen Amell. Having a break in his shooting schedule, Amell decided to take his family on a nice outing to Universal Studios Hollywood and wanted to mark the occasion with a nice photo. Of course, things didn’t go as planned and resulted in possibly the worst and most endearing family photo ever.

The star took to his Instagram to share the nice family moment with his followers. In it, you can see the entire brood posing somewhat awkwardly, with the photo awkwardly aimed moreso at the sky. Any photography aficionado would probably cringe at the snapshot, from a composition standpoint. But when thinking of it as a warm family moment, it's hard not to smile. Check out the imperfect snapshot for yourself down below:

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In a world of filtered and curated Instagram feeds, it's nice to see an old-fashioned family photo. As Stephen Amell pointed out, the photo captured all the imperfections that everyone experiences. He called himself looking as if he was “mid-burp,” while his daughter’s attention was somewhere else. The actor was unbothered by the snapshot, as he remembered growing up and creating those carefully styled family portraits. Most people can relate to dealing with the same obligation.

But the former Arrowverse star seems to be bucking that tradition. A perfect family photo seemed to be the last thing on his mind, as he was simply aiming to capture spend time with his family at the theme park. Given his workload, one can imagine why he'd want to cherish this time. The Heels star summed up his thoughts on the family moment:

This photo feels like a family to me. We look like a team of misfits and I fucking love it. Leaving tonight on a red eye. Gonna miss these two the most.

It's nice to see Stephen Amell embracing this less-than-ideal family image, and kudos to him for finding the time to organize the outing. Going to a theme park can be hectic for any family, as there's so much planning involved. Amell’s photo looked to symbolize the point at which everyone is tired after a day of great fun. As the Heels star said about the moment, he enjoyed the day with his family.

It's moments like these that are sure to keep Stephen Amell going as he progresses with his busy schedule. Personally, I think that sense of family translates into Jack Spade’s life on Heels and could drive him in a potential second season. But until we hear word on that, you can stream Season 1 on Prime Video and Hulu.

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