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He May Be A Bit Biased, But Jason Momoa Has Shared His Review Of The Batman

Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho ready for battle in Dune
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

A lot of people are excited about The Batman, and Jason Momoa is no exception, particularly now that he's one of the lucky few to have already seen the film. After landing a last-minute screening to support step-daughter Zoë Kravitz, the actor has shared his short (and sweet) review of the film. Sure, he may be a bit biased about Matt Reeves’ reinvention of the DC Comics character, but the review is also pretty in line with what people have been saying, and it comes with an awesome photo. 

Taking to the seas of social media, the DC Comics star seemed pretty high about Robert Pattinson’s introduction to the Bat-family. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Momoa’s full Instagram was only three or four, depending on whether you count a hashtag as one word. Jason Momoa’s full review of The Batman is as follows: 

While Jason Momoa is indeed a proud step-dad -- with any bias coming from a place of pure love -- that smile on his face does say a lot. That’s not a mere smile you flash when you’re just trying to look like you’re enjoying yourself, that’s absolute joy. One couldn’t blame Momoa for grinning from ear to ear like that, as Zoë Kravitz’s interpretation of Catwoman is tapping some unique energy in this noir-tinged world. 

People are definitely starting to notice the uniqueness of Kravitz’s performance, as well as The Batman itself.  The film has already started to screen in early fan events, with the buzz intensifying over the last few days. As noted prior, critical reaction has also run rather hot in its own right, and we'll have to wait and see how all of these factors impact box office. At the time of the last known estimates, The Batman’s potential opening weekend take might weigh in between $135-$180 million on the domestic front, which means some serious box office business.

Spider-Man: No Way Home saw its domestic opening coming in at roughly $122 million, as part of a $260 million worldwide opening weekend. Though we don’t have an estimate on the worldwide numbers for The Batman, there’s a chance that Bruce Wayne could best Peter Parker on the homefront, at least. (Particularly given tickets will cost more at at least one chain.) 

No matter the result, it looks like Warner Bros.’ latest adventure in Gotham will be something to smile about. After delays that saw The Batman sailing from one release date to another, the moment of truth is finally here. All that’s left is for moviegoers to take their seats and send their tweets, which just might leave them smiling like Jason Momoa.

The Batman continues to make its grand debut in early showings tonight, with the weekend showing the picture’s full wingspan. Meanwhile, Jason Momoa will next be seen in December’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, as well as Netflix’s Dreamland, both of which are set to debut as 2022 movie releases

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