The Flash’s Candice Patton Reveals What Iris Isn’t Allowed To Wear Anymore

Candice Patton in The Flash
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Barry Allen's powers on The Flash may seem like he can do just about anything, but his on-screen wife and journalist extraordinaire has some things that she can't do anymore on The CW show. Leading lady Candice Patton recently revealed what her character, Iris West-Allen, is no longer allowed to wear.

Candice Patton posted a photo to her Instagram from her trailer on set in celebration of a new episode of The Flash. She showed off her red hair and a top that exposed part of her stomach. When complimented by a fan in the comments who hoped that the outfit was for Iris, Patton admitted some unfortunate news:

lol no. This is just a shirt I wore into work. I’m not allowed to show my midriff on TV anymore.

Patton didn’t give any information into why she’s not allowed to show her midriff on TV anymore. She has shown her midriff in the past on the series multiple times, even if it wasn’t a lot. But now that Iris runs a growing media network with the Citizen, it’s possible they want her to keep her in professional attire. 

Iris became a big part of Team Flash in Season 4 when she started leading the team alongside her speedster husband. At the same time, she continued writing for her blog, the Central City Citizen, which only continued to grow. When Season 8 kicked off, it was revealed that it is now Central City Citizen Media, a full-fledged outlet with a bigger office and staff.

The journalist has been changing up her style over the seasons, so perhaps this is a way of simply doing something different? She started wearing a lot of curls beginning in Season 6, which meant a lot to Candice Patton. Hopefully there is a good reason that the actress isn’t allowed to show her midriff on TV anymore, but at least she can still post about it. Take a look at her photo:

Candice Patton not being allowed to show her midriff marks a departure from days gone by on The Flash, when female characters (including Iris) showed far more flesh from time to time. In fact, even a character from another show lost her shirt during a trip to Central City, when Emily Bett Rickards crossed over from Arrow as Felicity Smoak.

Meanwhile, the “Armageddon” event on The Flash has been changing the course of the series and it’s only going to get bigger. Only time will tell how much Barry will be able to change back to the status quo by the end of the event, including whether or not Joe is truly gone for good. It will be interesting to see what will happen in these final two episodes of the event and what will happen on the series moving forward.

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