The Flash’s Sasha Calle Has All-Caps Reaction To Her Supergirl Footage Finally Debuting

The first trailer for The Flash has arrived, and with it came the first footage of actress Sasha Calle as Supergirl. Supergirl's brief scenes left a powerful impression on fans, and now that the footage is out there, Calle is over the moon excited. The actress took to social media with an all-caps reaction to people finally seeing her suited up as Kara. 

Supergirl smashed, zapped, and flew all throughout The Flash trailer, and made an already exciting movie that much more anticipated. Few online were as psyched as Sasha Calle, however, who sent a tweet full of energy and excitement in addition to a video of her watching her scene from the trailer: 

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Sasha Calle seems amped for the world to finally see her Supergirl in action, and I totally get it. Calle reportedly beat out 400 other actresses for this role and will be the first Latina actress to play Kara. She has every right to be jazzed about the role, especially with how badass she looked in The Flash's trailer. 

Hopefully we'll get a fair amount of scenes with Sasha Calle as Supergirl, though it is worth noting that she isn't the title character of this movie. Still, it does appear as though she may play a role in the takedown of Michael Shannon's General Zod, who is back from the Man of Steel without a snapped neck. 

It seems like Kara might have to take on Superman's job of bringing him down, which might be easier said than done given how well-prepared for an invasion this Zod looks to be. Luckily, it seems plenty of other heroes may lend a hand, and even multiple versions of the same hero. 

For all the hype of the trailer and the footage of Sasha Calle as Supergirl and Michael Keaton in action as Batman, it seems there are more on board with seeing The Flash even as we near the cusp of a revamp of DC films. Even James Gunn, who has had to make some tough decisions about casting a new Superman and other things, has a very high opinion of the movie. Could the positive praise that's surrounding Calle's debut as Supergirl push even more potential viewers on the fence to a theater to see this movie? 

It's the big question surrounding The Flash, as there's definitely a community online reminding excited fans that Ezra Miller is still attached as the star the movie. Miller garnered all sorts of attention over the past couple of years for various legal troubles, violent incidents, and generally odd behavior. It's certainly led some to move against supporting them and the movie, though it remains to be seen just how many people will skip out on the feature when the opening weekend finally arrives. 

Look out for The Flash in theaters when it arrives on Friday, June 16th. With all the cameos rumored and confirmed from past DC projects, now might be a great time to check out our guide to watching the DC movies in order to revisit some of the classic movies from the superhero franchise. 

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