Of Course, Fans Were Reminiscing About Halle Berry's Catwoman After That Latest The Batman Trailer Dropped

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There have been so many iterations of Batman over the character’s 80-plus years of his existence. That means there have also been many incarnations of his sometimes lover, sometimes foe -- Catwoman. Of course, everyone has their favorite iteration of the character. Now, following the release of The Batman's latest trailer, Zoë Kravitz may have just solidified herself as a top choice. While DC fans got to see Kravitz in action during DC FanDome, many also reminisced about past actresses to have played the role. And of course, Oscar winner Halle Berry’s name was brought up during the conversation.

Her Catwoman movie has been lambasted for years now. Even the Hollywood star has spoken up on her ill-received take and distanced herself from it. However, her 2004 version of the character is arguably one of the reasons why fans seem to have a great appreciation for Zoe Kravitz's today. And Halle Berry, along with the other Catwomen, welcomed Kravitz into the exclusive club after her role was announced. Upon seeing the recent trailer, some Twitter users couldn’t help but see the lineage between Berry and Kravitz. One user got straight to the point by saying:

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Another user saw the trailer and essentially relived what it was like to see the Monster's Ball star in the role for the first time 17 years. She gave the celebrated actress some grace before giving a shout-out to the newest actress to take on the mantle:

Halle Berry ( Catwoman 2004 ) was my fav and will still live up to that.. y’all may hate it cause it wasn’t the same as the comics but her aura and seduction is what makes her stand out the most. So, Zoë better bring it to the table Sparkles

Another Catwoman fan took to Twitter to reminisce about watching the film as a young girl. She recalled her favorite moments by saying:

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Another fan got real when putting their opinion out there. They pointed out what they believe the 2004 film's flaws are, before praising the work of its star:

Unpopular opinion: bad writing & CGI aside I love this movie. I love me a Sharon stone Face savouring food Halle berry mash up and she looked so good

One fan opted to stick up for Halle Berry and the film by pointing out the overall campiness. They also questioned the general moviegoer's hate for her take on the DC antiheroine:

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One person wasn’t here for any DC fans overlooking the actress' contribution. They even threw in Earth Kitt’s Catwoman for good measure by saying:

Y’all keep leaving them out so Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry Selina Kyle supremacy

While Halle Berry may not have asked for the recognition, the film and her take are still beloved and cherished nearly two decades after its release. And despite her apparent disdain for the role, she still has her Catwoman-esque moments from time to time. If you want to appreciate the star in all her feline glory, you can check out the film by streaming it on HBO Max.

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