How The Flash Could Bring Back Katherine McNamara's Mia Queen In Season 8

Mia Queen in The Flash
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Flash episode “Armageddon, Part 5.” Read at your own risk! 

Barry Allen successfully thwarted Reverse-Flash as well as Despero, but he didn’t do it alone. Barry had the help of various Arrowverse heroes throughout the adventure, and while Mia Queen’s arrival and eventual possession by Despero nearly resulted in the death of Team Flash, it was good to see her all the same. It’s even possible that Katherine McNamara’s character could return for more episodes of The Flash, if my hunch tied to what we learned in the "Armageddon" finale is correct.

Mia’s arrival came with the news that she’s still searching for William. Yes, The Flash brought back a storyline first introduced in the backdoor pilot for the eventually cancelled spinoff starring Mia. What’s even more interesting is that Iris managed to find a small clue that suggested William was in Berlin, which advanced the story ever so slightly to where more can happen. Mia even indicated she’d reach out to her mom Felicity for some help with hacking, which is something folks would love to see on camera.  

I can’t say I believe we’ll see Emily Bett Rickards back in the Arrowverse anytime soon, but the advancing of Mia’s storyline, plus one other line from Iris, has me thinking we’ll see more Mia Queen in Season 8. Before Mia left, Iris suggested she make friends with her and Barry’s future children, Bart and Nora, when she returns to the future. A preview for the next arc of The Flash revealed that it will feature Bart and Nora messing with the timeline. It seems like all too great of a coincidence that Iris would encourage Mia to become friends with her kids right as they come back into the story, right?

Well, it’s worth noting that Katherine McNamara is just as hopeful as some Arrow and Flash fans that she’ll be back for more episodes. McNamara spoke to The Wrap about the episode and weighed in on whether or not she would return for future episodes on The Flash.

I would love nothing more. I think she established so many great relationships in this episode, and there’s so much more to Mia and so much more of her storyline and so many opportunities that they sort of set up. I would love nothing more than to come back if they’d have me. . .Nothing is in the can as of yet, [but] I would jump at the chance.

The best we can do right now is take Katherine McNamara at her word and trust she hasn’t filmed another episode beyond what’s known. It seems she doesn’t even know whether or not Mia Queen will return for more episodes, but she’s ready and willing to do so. That’s perhaps one of the biggest steps necessary for this to happen, so hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Mia Queen and her quest to save William. 

The Flash will return to The CW in 2022 but on a new night. Tune in for the season premiere on Wednesday, March 9 starting at 8:00 p.m. ET, and get ready for some more time manipulation via Bart and Nora.

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