Jason Momoa Teases ‘More’ Versions Of Batman While Avoiding Questions About Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom
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The DC movie universe is an even more chaotic place than usual these days. With movies like Batgirl being canceled mid-production, the fate of The Flash still very much up in the air, and other DC films seeing release dates pushed back, it’s far from clear what we’re going to see (or even when we’re going to see) any of these movies. And Jason Momoa is now adding doubt to the few things we thought we knew.

Jason Momoa was asked recently by the AP about his recent reunion with Ben Affleck, as it was seemingly confirmed that Affleck’s Batman would make an appearance in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. However, Momoa would not confirm that “Batffleck” was in the new movie, and the actor went on to tease that, even if he is, he might not be the only Batman that appears. Momoa said…

Well, I can’t tell you anything about the reunion. He may or may not be in it. And there could be more or less or even more Batmans in it. Who knows? You only know a little bit.

Last month Jason Momoa himself released a picture on Instagram of himself and Ben Affleck on the WB lot in the UK. The image followed rumors that the two had been seen together on the lot where Momoa was filming scenes for the new Aquaman movie. The post that came with the picture mentioned a reunited Arthur and Bruce, implying the DC connection.

According to reports that followed, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom included an appearance from Michael Keaton’s Batman, which due to the fact that he had not yet been seen in the current DC films, confused test audiences. Add to that the fact that the other places Keaton is set to appear were the Batgirl movie, which is now dead, and The Flash, whose future is unknown, the decision was reportedly made to refilm the Batman cameo with Affleck’s version of the character

Based on these reports, that Jason Momoa surely knows are all out there, the Aquaman actor seems to be teasing that we could be getting both versions of Batman in The Lost Kingdom. And since we really have no idea, that’s certainly a possibility. We're expecting to get all sorts of multiverse elements from The Flash movie, so there's no reason that couldn't happen in Aquaman as well. For all we know Robert Pattinson could show up too. Has anybody called George Clooney?

Unfortunately, for any fans who are waiting for this answer, it’s going to be a while. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has also been a victim of the same wild WB shakeups that canceled Batgirl. In its case, the film has seen continual delays, and Aquaman 2  is now not set to be released until Christmas of 2023, this after being delayed previously to December of this year, and then next spring. 

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