Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shares A+ Reaction To The Boys' Fake First Look At His Season 4 Arrival

In the most on-brand post, Prime Video decided to promote Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s involvement with Season 4 of The Boys by way of a horribly Photoshopped still from what they claim is the latest season of the superhero satire. And of course, the longtime villain on The Walking Dead had an A+ reaction to the post.

Morgan’s involvement in The Boys as a recurring character was announced last September. Considering the final season of The Walking Dead is airing on the 2023 TV schedule, and with a TWD spin-off called Isle of the Dead on the way, it was exciting and unexpected news to learn that the Negan actor would be appearing on Amazon's superhero satire. So, now the show’s social media is starting to promote Morgan’s involvement in Season 4 on Twitter, however, it’s not exactly legit. 

Check it out for yourself:

Clearly, the Photoshop job seems intentionally bad, as Morgan’s legs are nonexistent, which is hilarious. The actor then got in on the discourse with an A+ reaction to the “not at all Photoshopped” preview of Season 4 by tweeting

Swell. You gave away my ONE superpower of vanishing lower half.

I mean, if you’ve seen The Boys, you know some characters have some wild powers, so it really doesn’t seem completely far-fetched to me that Morgan would have a silly power like an invisible lower half. While an invisible bottom half will likely not be his power, it is hilarious to see the actor joke about his character in the new season of the comic book adaptation. 

Fans also had great responses to Morgan’s claim about his new power, like Josee who wrote: 

I’m sitting here wondering how this superpower could be useful. 🤣🤔

To which The Walking Dead mainstay responded by saying: “We all are.” And he’s right, if this is indeed his power, which I highly, highly doubt, it’s hard to imagine how it’d be useful. 

Based on Morgan’s history on the zombie hit as well as his past with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke on Supernatural, him joining the gritty Prime Video show is super fitting. The current boss of The Boys was also one of the minds behind Supernatural, and he has been bringing in alum from The CW staple consistently, with Jensen Ackles starring in Season 3 as Soldier Boy, and Rob Benedict joining Season 4 with Morgan. So, based on all their shared history, this is bound to be a fun collaboration, and hopefully, we’ll see Morgan and the Supernatural crew all over Season 4. 

I know I can’t wait to see how Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays into Season 4 of The Boys, and this response from him about his fake character reveal only solidifies just how well he’ll fit into the show. 

It’s currently unknown when The Boys will return for its fourth season, but you can watch Seasons 1 through 3 with an Amazon Prime subscription

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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