After Anthony Mackie Calls Him Out Over Disneyland’s Spider-Man Ride, Tom Holland Claps Back

The MCU has introduced many actors into its movie world, and these different characters have interacted with each other across multiple movies, putting in years of work and long hours -- often in close proximity. We have gotten some great moments between the Avengers, but I personally enjoy the faux-beef between new Captain America Anthony Mackie and Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. Recently Mackie called out Holland about his new Spider-Man-themed Disneyland ride. Now the Spider-Man: No Way Home star has clapped back. 

While sitting down with, Tom Holland finally addressed the shade that Anthony Mackie threw at his Disneyland ride, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. Mackie actually rode the ride and scoffed at the idea of Holland even coming close to beating his score. Brutal. Fans have been waiting for a response, and the actor finally delivered. In fact he gave a straight-up answer, saying:

Listen, I love Anthony Mackie. If there’s a Spider-Man/Captain America team-up down the line, then we should absolutely make that happen. You know, he can brag about beating me on my own ride - which I haven’t actually ridden yet - but until he’s got his own ride, he’s got nothing. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Holland started off by praising the new Captain America, saying that he would be down for it if there were ever to be a team-up between their characters. Then Holland reminded Mackie that he is welcome to make fun of his Disneyland ride if he wants, but his former co-star really can’t say much since he doesn’t even have his own themed ride to compare to. 

Alright, so the exchange has been pretty tame compared to their prior spats, but you can bet that Anthony Mackie will respond in due time. This could get good.  

All the way back when Spider-Man was introduced in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, Mackie and other Marvel star Sebastian Stan started roasting Holland as the new kid on the block, and this relationship has continued ever since. (There's even a supercut of times the two Avengers piled on.)  It’s nice to see Tom Holland now actually firing some playful shots back. 

While Disneyland is the focus here, there plenty more from the two Marvel stars coming up. Captain America 4 has been confirmed with Anthony Mackie set to make his film debut as the new Cap after taking up the mantle in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. If he has it his way, the actor says that he will play Captain America for much longer than Chris Evans run, so we should buckle up for a new era for Sam Wilson in the MCU. 

Fans of the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies are in luck because there seem to be several more in the works, and No Way Home’s release is right around the corner. Hopefully, we get to see a Venom crossover since the partnership between Marvel and Sony is continuing. I can't wait to see No Way Home in theaters on December 17th and (hopefully) hear what Mackie has to say in response back before then. 

Jamil David

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