Chris Hemsworth’s A Huge Meat Eater. Why Natalie Portman Says He Gave Up Meat For A Day For Her During Thor: Love And Thunder

Natalie Portman in Thor: Love and Thunder
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When people play superheroes in the movies, it can be easy to see the actor as a superhero as well. Fans love Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans and it’s certainly true that they seem like really good people, but the real hero of the MCU might be Chris Hemsworth. Both Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman have nothing bad to say about the man, and he made an incredibly nice gesture to Portman during her return to the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder so that Portman didn’t have to kiss a guy who had just eaten meat.

Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson recently appeared on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, where the host admitted he had a serious “man crush” on Hemsworth, and wanted to know if he was really as good a guy as he appeared to be. Neither would say even a minor thing against the Thor actor, and Portman revealed that before having to kiss Hemsworth on screen, the actor stopped eating meat for his vegan co-star. Portman explained…

The day we had a kiss scene he didn’t eat meat that morning, because I’m vegan. And he eats meat like every half hour. Like, that was so thoughtful.

Part of getting in shape to look like a superhero involves having the right diet, and that usually involves eating meals in smaller portions, but a lot more often than most of us do. Upcoming MCU star Will Poulter has talked about the difficulty he’s had with the diet. It obviously involves large amounts of protein, thus the need for Chris Hemsworth to eat meat “like every half hour.” And the food is apparently really good as Hemsworth apparently has an incredible private chef. But Hemsworth apparently took a break the morning of his romantic scene, simply because he was thinking of Natalie Portman first and thought she would appreciate that. 

And clearly, Natalie Portman really did appreciate it. While Portman is vegan, and has been publicly critical of the meat industry, it doesn’t sound like whether or not the person she has to kiss in a movie eats meat or not is ever really a consideration. But that’s perhaps all the more reason she found the gesture so thoughtful. Portman continued… 

That’s not something I’m angry about or care about, but he was just being thoughtful. He’s just a very nice person.

Nobody asked Chris Hemsworth to take a break from eating meat. The man just thought it was something he could do that would make life easier for somebody else, and so he did it. This really was a kind gesture. Does this make Chris Hemsworth the “Best Chris?” It will certainly increase his standing with a lot of fans.  

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