Deadpool 3 Director Shawn Levy’s Update About The Screenplay Is Going To Excite Fans Over Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Return

Anticipation for Deadpool 3 has been running high for years now, but that kicked up a notch in September when it was announced that Hugh Jackman will reprise Wolverine in the threequel. Jackman had been adamant for a long time that Logan would be his final time wearing the adamantium claws, but he eventually hit a point where he was willing to go one last round and reached out to Ryan Reynolds to work something out. Although it’ll be a while until Deadpool 3 reaches the public, director Shawn Levy has shared an update on the screenplay that will get fans even more excited about Jackman’s Wolverine return.

Shawn Levy was announced to be helming Deadpool 3 back in March, with this marking his third collaboration with Ryan Reynolds following Free Guy and The Adam Project. Naturally Levy can’t reveal anything specific about Deadpool 3 this early into development, and he admitted to SYFY Wire the working on Stranger Things has trained him to not accidentally blab spoilers. He did, however, say this about the Deadpool/Wolverine team-up:

I’ll just say that to be developing and prepping this movie that has this iconic duo together in an entire movie for the first time — a pairing between Hugh and Ryan, Wolverine and Deadpool. [It's] very much a pairing that the world has waited for for over a decade, [and] I’m the lucky son of a bitch who gets to tell a story about that pair. The potential is so rich and every day that we work on the screenplay, there are ideas that we didn’t anticipate that appear because you’re talking about the ultimate Marvel icon and the ultimate Marvel iconoclast.

Technically Deadpool 3 will be the second time that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have shared screen time in an X-Men movie, but considering that the Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine barely resembled his comic book counterpart, we don’t need to count that. The important thing is that after years of fans wanting to see Deadpool and Wolverine properly come together on the big screen, and Reynolds trying to convince Jackman to do it, this pairing is finally happening. And as Shawn Levy noted, there’s been no shortage of ideas to implement as the Deadpool 3 screenplay moves closer to completion.

Given that Wolverine died at the end of Logan, it’s unclear how Wolverine will be brought into the mix in Deadpool 3, but Ryan Reynolds has promised that it won’t tarnish Logan’s legacy. And while Deadpool 3 will be the first in the film series to be made by Marvel Studios, which chiefly churns out PG-13 fare, it’s been said many times over that the upcoming Marvel movie will be R-rated just like its predecessors. Speaking of Deadpool and Deadpool 2, it remains to be seen which of the familiar faces from those movies, if any of them, will be back for Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 is now scheduled for November 8, 2024, with filming expected to begin next May. If you’d like to revisit Reynolds’ past outings as the Merc with the Mouth, you can stream those movies with a Disney+ subscription.

Adam Holmes
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