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Eternals’ Gemma Chan Posts Set Photos With Harry Styles

Gemma Chan in Marvel's Eternals
(Image credit: Disney)

SPOILERS are ahead for Eternals. Check out the Marvel film on Disney+ before reading about it here. 

This is not a drill: Harry Styles is in the MCU. The former One Direction heartthrob and current hitmaking “Watermelon Sugar” singer snuck his way into one end credit sequence of Eternals as Eros (aka Starfox). Now that the movie has been out for some time and the secret is out, one of the film’s stars Gemma Chan has shared some adorable photos with the pop star. 

Eternals hit Disney+ this week and in celebration of the release, Gemma Chan took to her Twitter to share a number of awesome photos of her and the cast. Check out Harry Styles on set with her: 

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Sersi and Eros posed together in costume with some serious faces pointed to the camera in the first image. And their second one together has them getting more jolly as Harry Styles smiles with open arms and Chan grins next to the singer. Welcome to the MCU, Harry! 

Following the epic events of Eternals, there’s a sequence that sees Harry Styles’ Eros appearing in Angelina Jolie’s Thena and Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari. He introduces himself to them before sharing that he knows where to find their lost fellow Eternals. Gemma Chan is not in a shared sequence with Styles, but she must have been on set on the same day as his cameo and made sure to take the time to get a picture with him. She’s gotta be a fan, right? 

According to Chloé Zhao, Harry Styles was supposed to have a longer sequence in the film but it was cut. As you can see from the film, there’s a lot being juggled, so it’s not surprising. With his ending cameo, it does tease a larger role for the actor in a future MCU film, which is very exciting. 

We’d imagine Harry Styles’ Eros could have a large role in an Eternals sequel should it happen. Eros is an Eternal who was born a Titan and grew up alongside his brother Thanos (you know, the guy who snapped half the universe out of existence?) He has the nickname of “Knave of Hearts” and famously becomes part of the Avengers, though Marvel might need to have a meeting to catch up the rest of the heroes

Harry Styles had to seriously keep his role underwraps, but now that the world knows, Styles shared that he was among the kids who grew up “wanting to be a superhero” and had a “great experience” on the set of the film. Styles got his start in acting with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and is set to be in more movies such as Olivia Wilde’s thriller Don’t Worry Darling and a period drama called My Policeman

While we wait for more Eros, check out Eternals, streaming on Disney+ now!

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