Loki's McDonald's Connection Is Cool And All, But I'm Way More Into This Donut Shop That Lets You Eat Miss Minutes' Face

Tom Hiddleston on Loki
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With DC and Warner Bros. having already delivered a superhero story told through unique time travel elements in The Flash, it’s time for Marvel to have its own timey-wimey fun, which is coming very soon via the highly anticipated second season of Disney+’s timeline-shifting drama Loki. Tom Hiddleston is bringing his fan-favorite trickster god back for more TVA-related mayhem, which will for whatever reason (money) involve some direct product-placement tie-ins for McDonald’s, though with a deeper meaning behind the consumerism. And while that’s cool and all, I’m way more enthused about an L.A. donut shop giving fans the chance to chow down on Miss Minutes’ adorable face.

I am way more of a sweet-tooth kinda person — regarding both the Jeff Lemire comic and the adoration of yummy pastries — so I’m definitely way more excited by the concept of Miss MInutes-themed donuts over anything Loki-related happening at McDonald’s. The good times were (and possibly still are) being had at the iconic Randy’s Donuts, whose Loki Day celebration was promoted on both the Disney+ series’ Instagram Stories and Marvel Entertainment’s. Now check out this inflatable excellence and tell me you wouldn't want wait in line for however long she asked (told) you to. 

Screenshot of Miss Minutes balloon above Randy's Donuts

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Loki obviously features a bunch of different characters and locations, including the TVA, Sophia Di Martino's goddess Sylvie, Wunmi Mosaku's Hunter B-15, the Void, and more. But it's hard to deny the fact that the easiest element of the show to honor with a donut is Miss Minutes. If only the titular character's visage amounted to such a perfect circle, then we could be eating his face as well. The pastry is filled with bavarian cream, though, and fans might spend too much time finding ways to make the cream ooze from Donut Hiddleston's orifices.

You can check out the donuts themselves in the shot below. 

Screenshot of Miss Minutes donuts at Randy's Donuts

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Who doesn't love it when an aces donut shop features both food and merch giveaways tying to one of the best MCU projects of any Phase? Okay, so it's not like there are tons of examples of this happening in the wild, but I'm hoping this experiment ended up being so successful for Randy's that they're able to hurry up and ship out their Miss Minutes desserts to grocery stores around the country, so that fans all over can take a bite out of time when Season 2 arrives. Or, if that's too much trouble, a half-dozen pastries sent directly to me would do the trick as well.

Speaking of Season 2, it was revealed that Loki's return date has changed from what was previous announced. Instead of going live on the morning of Wednesday, October 6, everyone with a Disney+ subscription will now be able to stream the premiere (and subsequent episodes) on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. That schedule shift was first utilized for Ahsoka's debut season, and it appears to have been a big enough success for the streaming service to want to try it once more with an MCU series, and possibly more upcoming Marvel shows.

Check out the way the news was revealed below, which also revolves around the always welcomed Miss Minutes. 

So whether you're eating donuts shaped like anthropomorphic clocks, or are dipping your McNuggets in Loki-branded Sweet 'N Sour sauce, don't forget to tune into Loki's Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, October 5, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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