Violent Deadpool 3 Fan Art Brings Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Into The Franchise

Side-by-side pictures of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan
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After the exciting surprise announcement that Hugh Jackman would return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, the internet exploded. Fans were so excited by the news, and it sparked lots of fun memes and fan art. As we wait for the film’s release in 2024, people are already starting to predict what could happen and are creating different scenarios between Deadpool and Wolverine. And one particular piece of art imagines a violent confrontation between the two.

While the two iconic characters have technically shared the screen together, this will be the first time we see the duo have extensive screen time together. In anticipation, artists like @bosslogic on Instagram, have already created some fun art to welcome Hugh Jackman’s character into Deadpool’s wacky world, check it out:

Nothing like seeing good old Wolverine stabbing Wade Wilson in the head with his claws. This fun lil nod to Logan seems very on par with what the vibe will be between the merc with a mouth and Wolverine in the third installment of Deadpool. I’d imagine the X-Man will be very annoyed by Wade. and will not appreciate all his antics. However, Deadpool and his shenanigans will never stop, he’ll always be there to boop all those who do not want to be boop-ed. 

The image of Jackman as Wolverine is from the 2017’s Logan, which tells the story of a beat-down and older version of the iconic X-Man. The movie marked the retirement of Jackman from Marvel, however, this announcement means he will be returning once again to dawn the claws. The actor had the perfect two-word response to Reynolds when the announcement of his return dropped, as he simply wrote “Yeah, sure,” very Wolverine of him. 

While most are excited to see the longtime internet frenemies work together on such a highly anticipated project, some aren’t as happy about the decision. However, it isn’t anything to be mad about, as the director of Logan, James Mangold has given his stamp of approval for Deadpool 3

Personally, I can’t wait to see what Jackman, Reynolds, and the movie’s director Shawn Levy have up their sleeves. When Jackman’s return was announced, Levy took to Twitter to say how excited he was for the return, and he mentioned just how hard it was to keep it a secret. He also gave a goofy shout-out to Stranger Things for helping him with his secret-keeping abilities. Reynolds and Levy have worked on multiple projects together recently, namely Free Guy and The Adam Project, and Levy has a history with Jackman as they worked together on Real Steel back in 2011, making me even more excited for Deadpool's entrance into the MCU.

Seeing these three work together is bound to be a good time, and it seems like the perfect group to make this movie. Plus all this art is getting me, and many other fans, so excited for the team up. While we’re still about two years from Deadpool 3’s release there are plenty of other upcoming Marvel movies to check out and get excited for. You can also look over the 2022 movie schedule for other projects coming soon from Reynolds, Jackman, and Levy. 

Riley Utley
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