Tom Holland Makes A Bold Claim About A Jamie Foxx Scene In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tom Holland in the black suit during Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Spider-Man: Now Way Home is already one of the year’s biggest movies and set to be Marvel’s most anticipated release of the year. The film is bringing back multiple villains from the old Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spidey movies, seemingly building a version of the Sinister Six. One of the most exciting villains returning is Jamie Foxx’s Electro, who is sporting a new design in the mysterious film. Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, has made a bold claim about a Foxx Scene in No Way Home. 

While promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland made quite the claim about an upcoming scene involving Jamie Foxx’s Electro. In a video posted by Bounding Into Comics, Holland answers a question about the upcoming film, revealing some interesting details about a funny scene in the movie with Foxx that Holland is clearly a big fan of. Here’s what Holland said:

It’s fun. It’s funny. I think it’s the funniest one we’ve made. You know, Jamie Foxx has one of the funniest scenes in any Marvel movie in this film. It is essentially taking the piss out of all superhero films. I love it. It’s excellent.

Holland says that the scene with Foxx’s Electro is, in his opinion, one of the funniest scenes in the entire MCU. Apparently, Electro takes a shot at superhero films, probably taking notice of how ridiculous things can get or something along those lines. It will be exciting to finally see the scene when the film releases next week, and get all the context to see if Holland's bold statement holds true. In the same video, he says that the movie will surpass any Spider-Man movie that has come before it and that it hit all the marks it wanted to in regards to emotion, stakes, and of course, comedy. 

Holland takes his role playing Spider-Man very seriously. He recently spoke about the responsibility that comes with the gig, even in the face of getting hounded by paparazzi, to be a role model to all the kids who are Spidey fans. No Way Home looks to be introducing a new era to the character and the MCU in what promises to be an epic experience filled with a ton of surprises. 

Fans who are excited for a future filled with more Holland-led MCU movies are rejoicing as Marvel and Sony confirmed that more are on the way. The MCU actor recently reacted to the news and is incredibly excited about the character's future, so fans should brace themselves for something even more epic than No Way Home in the future. 

The Sinister Six is all but assembled, and it’s very likely we will see the formation of the group of villains in the upcoming movie. Holland addressed the possibility of a cross-over with Tom Hardy’s Venom, who would actually round out the Sinister Six, saying it’s exciting, but he doesn’t know. There are a ton of questions that have been raised by the trailer for No Way Home, and we can’t wait to see them get answered on December 17th. 

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