Turns Out Tom Holland Nearly Gave Away Andrew Garfield And Zendaya’s Big Emotional Scene While Promoting No Way Home, Because Of Course

Spoilers are ahead for Spider-Man: No Way Home. If you have to be warned, come on, go see it already! 

We’ve known for years that Tom Holland is not the ideal person to guard Marvel’s best kept secrets. There have been countless instances where the actor has accidentally spoiled secrets and revealed a few big elements of the MCU’s future. Most recently, Holland was met with the ultimate test when he had to go on a massive No Way Home press tour with the task of not giving away Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s surprise appearances in the second half of the movie. For the most part, Holland and the Spider-Man cast paved the way for fans to have some incredible theatrical experiences, but we've just found out about a certain slip-up regarding Garfield and Zendaya's key scene, because of course.

After nearly a year of lying to the public himself, Andrew Garfield has finally been sharing his experience returning to his Amazing Spider-Man role alongside Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire in No Way Home. During a recent interview, Garfield is made aware of a time when Holland nearly gave away his best scene with Zendaya. Check it out: 

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BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb took a moment to tell Andrew Garfield that he knew he was in No Way Home after speaking to Tom Holland and Zendaya prior to the film’s release. The journalist showed Garfield a moment in his early December interview, in which they talk about Zendaya’s stunt as she fell backward and Holland slipped up, big time. 

If you can remember, the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer included some clever cuts that hid the appearances of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield from the final battle sequences with all of the villains. In one moment in the marketing, Zendaya is falling and Tom Holland looks to be diving after her, but when Holland spoke about the sequence he admitted he “wasn’t there.”  Oops! 

And as BBC later noticed, the camera actually captures the moment Holland realizes what he’s done and is having a serious silent crisis. Here's the look: 

Tom Holland on Spider-Man No Way Home press tour

(Image credit: BBC Radio 1)

The poor boy! This press tour must have been exhausting. The actor straight up had to lie for days upon days, when he already does not like to do it, and (sorry Tom) it’s not necessarily his strong suit. It is one of those things where you might not completely clock it before seeing the movie and, thankfully, he had Zendaya there to keep the interview rolling and get into her stunts. 

Nonetheless, Andrew Garfield had an absolute ball seeing how Tom Holland handled the awkward moment. And he shared why the sequence meant so much to him with these words: 

I love the idea that if this Peter hadn't shown up, he could have met the same fate that my Peter had met. There’s something so cosmic about it. It’s really cool, man.

Of course, Andrew Garfield’s variant dealt with tragedy when Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy fell to her death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, before the franchise came to an end. So we never really got a happy ending for his version of Peter Parker. Thankfully, the No Way Home scene provided some true closure.

Watching Tom Holland promote the Marvel movies (and occasionally drop spoilers slip up while doing so) has become a fun tradition. And many would probably agree when I say we look forward to him doing it more in the future.

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