Suicide Squad’s David Ayer Defends DC Fans After James Gunn’s Comments About Online Negativity

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag, Katana and Killer Croc in Suicide Squad
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The DC Film world has been in an absolute uproar for the last few weeks. James Gunn and Peter Safran recently took over as the co-heads of DC’s film division and we’ve already seen significant changes to the expected future of the film projects. This has led to a lot of negative responses from fans unhappy with the new direction, but Suicide Squad director David Ayer says he sees the negativity from fans as passion.

James Gunn has been pretty public and open on Twitter since taking over as the co-head of DC Films and in a recent thread on Twitter he talked about the process of putting together the new plan for DC’s films. He also says he was well aware from the outset that there would be a flood of negative responses from a corner of the fandom. In a response, David Ayer came to something of a defense for those fans, as he says the negativity is simply a form of intense passion for the characters.. 

Of the various people involved in DC movie projects in the last few years David Ayer may have actually had one of the better experiences, at least when it has come to dealing with fans on social media. While Ayer’s Suicide Squad was a fraught production that did not turn out the way that he wanted, fans have largely been supportive of the vision he had, calling for an “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad in the same way fans pushed for, and eventually got, Zach Snyder’s Justice League

And apparently whatever negative feedback Ayer got he saw as coming from a place of passion, and thus he didn’t take it personally. And he’s certainly not wrong. DC Comics contain some of the most iconic characters not simply in comic books but in fiction. 

While Gunn and Safran have only been running DC Films for a few weeks, quite a lot has happened. Henry Cavill, previously believed to be back to playing Superman, is now out of the role once again, as James Gunn is apparently working on a brand new Superman movie himself. Dwayne Johnson has also made it clear that, while there may still be a future for his Black Adam in the new plan, the character is not in the near term plan. Obviously, for fans who feel passionate about these characters and actors, this is going to be frustrating news. 

While we’re starting to learn what we won’t see in DC films going forward, James Gunn says that we’ll start to see what it will include early next year. One thing is for sure, whatever it is, there will probably be fans with passionate responses. 

Dirk Libbey
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