Superman Comics Writer Talks About Clark Kent's Son Coming Out As Bisexual

Superman: Son Of Kal-El comic book cover of Jon Kent's Superman
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Last November, DC Comics added a new LGBTQ+ DC character to its roster through its Son of Kal-El comic series, with Superman’s son, Jon Kent, coming out as bisexual. A year later, the comic book creators behind Son of Kal-El have created a storyline where Clark Kent reacts to his son’s queer identity in a delicate way they hope “resonates” with audiences. 

In a recent interview with Son Of Kal-El’s Tom Taylor, the series' writer, shared that crafting the scene between Clark and Jon Kent was something he spent days fine-tuning and making sure he got just right. When speaking to the storyline, Taylor told Polygon this: 

I definitely felt the importance of showing Superman’s care, assurance and embrace of his bisexual son. And I wanted to show that Clark understood and empathized with his son’s apprehension. After it was written, I talked to the artists, Cian Tormey and Ruairí Coleman, about the importance of this issue, and both told me they’d teared up reading the script. Cian and Ruairí both took so much care, and depicted these scenes beautifully. I hope what the Man of Steel feels and how he acts in this issue resonates with other parents of queer children.

In the comic series, Clark Kent’s Superman takes his superhero duties off Earth and Jon Kent takes the Superman mantle on Earth. Once Clark finally comes back home, Jon lets his father know about his sexuality and is met with support from him. Taylor, who was careful not to write a cliché coming out scene, wrote these words said by Clark Kent/Superman in reaction to Jon Kent’s coming out: 

Anyone who makes your life better will always be a hero in my eyes. And no matter what, I will stand beside you. I will defend you. I will love you, and I will always, always be your father.

No wonder there were tears shed by the comic creators! Having the biggest name in DC Comics both have a queer son and then react this way to his sexuality is a beautiful step for LGBTQ+ representation in comic books and the superhero genre. Now, could this happen one day in a DC movie or TV show? 

Jon Kent is currently a character on The CW’s Superman & Lois, and he's set to return in the upcoming Season 3, though Michael Bishop is now playing the role following Jordan Elsass' departure. Considering television has more time to set up and explore characters, especially in regards to their love lives, it seems like The CW show may be the perfect place to adapt the storyline. We’ll have to see once Season 3 arrives on the upcoming TV premiere dates calendar. 

When it comes to movies, Superman is finally back in the cinematic spotlight thanks to Henry Cavill revealing he’s back as the Man of Steel following his cameo in the Black Adam end-credits scene. These days, there are so many different ways Superman stories are being told, and surely the LGBTQ+ community can smile at Son of Kal-El’s latest storyline, located in issue #17.  

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