Tom Holland Talks Helping His Spider-Man Replacement, But Let’s Hope He’s Not Retiring

Tom Holland Spider-Man: Far from Home teaser trailer screenshot
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One of the sad truths about playing a beloved character is that it’s near impossible to do it forever. While some actors have embodied the same roles for years or even decades, it’s much more likely for them to eventually graduate and move on. In some cases -- like has often been the case for Spider-Man -- that means making room for someone new to take the reins. It looks like Tom Holland is already preparing for that reality, though we’re selfishly hoping his retirement won’t come any time soon. 

The actor has already enjoyed a longer tenure as Spidey than his big-screen predecessors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. So of course, it’s natural for both fans, and the actor himself, to be thinking a bit about what his future with the character might hold. In a conversation with our sister site Total Film, he was honest about the fact that he’s already considering what it will be like to pass the mantle to the next Peter Parker (via The Direct): 

When they cast the young kid in Spider-Man to replace me, whether it's next year or in five years, I'll take it upon myself to teach them about the responsibilities of being Spider-Man.

Bringing one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes to life is no small order. But Tom Holland has more than risen to the occasion since he began playing the iconic superhero role in 2016. Now, more than five years later, he’s about to mark his seventh appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Spider-Man: No Way Home

The British star also opened up about exactly what those responsibilities are and made it clear that taking on the role is about much more than what you do when you’re on camera. He said:

Because it's huge. It's absolutely huge. Every time you walk outside that door, you're representing Spider-Man. It's tough. It's taxing sometimes. Because sometimes you just want to go to a pub and get absolutely wasted, and not have to worry about the ramifications of the public scrutiny of: 'Oh my God, what do you mean you got drunk?'

While it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the Spider-Man suit right now, it’s refreshing to hear that the Chaos Walking star wants to support the next actor who’ll take on the character. His guidance would surely help make sure they’re prepared for the pressures they’ll face. These sentiments show how much Holland's time with the character has meant to him, and how much respect he has for the legacy of the Marvel hero. 

We can’t know for sure how many more times we’ll get to see Tom Holland in the MCU, but at least we have a lot to look forward from him, both within the franchise and outside of it. Spider-Man: No Way Home looks like it is going to be yet another thrill ride -- and he’s taking the lead on another beloved franchise with next year’s Uncharted

Katherine Webb