With more superhero adventures being seen on TV than ever before, it’s no wonder that Netflix jumped into the game by signing on with Marvel. Daredevil premiered in April to critical acclaim and has already been renewed for a second season. Later this year, we have Jessica Jones, followed by Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. But why stop there? Why not feature more superhero adventures not just from Marvel, but DC Comics as well?

Let’s face it, not every superhero is cut out to star in a film, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get the opportunity to lead their own adventure. Netflix has proven it can produce good content, and if Daredevil is any indication, any show on there featuring a costumed adventurer should at minimum be a quality product, if not exceptional. Taking into account future superhero projects on both the big and small screens, as well as Netflix’s more limited budget per show, these are the heroes from both Marvel and DC we believe need to have their own series on the streaming platform.

10. Blade
10. Blade
Marvel’s resident vampire hunter was the star of three films between 1998 and 2004, and his only other live-action project was a one-season series on Spike in 2006. Marvel acquired the rights back to Blade from New Line Cinema several years ago, but they haven’t done anything with him yet. Despite Wesley Snipes’ eagerness to make a fourth film, it doesn’t sound like Blade fits into Marvel’s theatrical plans, so a Netflix series is the next best option to reintroduce the character. Because these shows skew darker and grittier, having a guy slice and dice these pale bloodsuckers would be a great fit for the digital platform. Doctor Strange is delving into the world of magic in 2016, so Blade could be an extension of that by introducing various horror elements.

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