Each year, Ryan Murphy & Co. give television its most bafflingly weird and sinister hour of primetime with American Horror Story. While the seasons have become more interconnected, audiences don't always connect so well with the material, with last year's Hotel seeing its initial ratings success take a nosedive. And so a new season of the show needed a jolt of something new and something fresh. And perhaps something less... mouthless dildo-wielding monster-fications of human vices.

Here is everything that we know so far about American Horror Story Season 6, and the various bits of demented oddities it will deliver to viewers. Don't forget to keep checking back.

When Will American Horror Story Season 6 Air?

It took a while for FX to come forward and reveal American Horror Story Season 6's big premiere date. Although it didn't take a genius researcher to know that the show has debuted in October for the past five years, so that's when we expected to get the new episodes. However, recently FX shocked us by announcing that American Horror Story will premiere on September 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

What Have We Seen So Far From American Horror Story Season 6?

After waiting for what felt like years and years for FX and American Horror Story to deliver on the visual goods, we finally got a trio of teasers that were followed by a billion more teasers, which is just like normal, but in a more compressed time frame. One recent offering plays up how each of the past five seasons plays into the next one, while still not divulging what we can expect from the new season.

As far as other new teasers go that presumably also don't have anything to do with what Season 6 will cover, there's the one below, which should leave a pretty solid taste in everyone's mouths. There has also been a campy throwback teaser that resembles Creature from the Black Lagoon, a couple that make shadows and wind chimes pretty creepy, one with a weird monster walking down some railroad tracks and several more. Now while we wait for more, I'm going to walk around my house drawing question marks next to every numeral 6 I can find. Is it permanent marker or not? There's the mystery.

What Is American Horror Story Season 6 About?

UPDATE: It looks like American Horror Story is taking the reality show/docu-series route with Season 6, as the first episode was partly an episode of the faux show My Roanoke Nightmare, which ties into set photos leaked a while back. More on that here and here.

The original story is below.

It remains to be seen how fresh and new the actual content of American Horror Story Season 6 will be, but everyone involved can be commended for the new approach they're using to usher audiences into the new theme and setting. Basically, they're just letting us all out into the wild without any guiding light to lead us to the real answer.

After a handful of teasers had been released, it was revealed that all but one of the miniature teasers is a fake, and the plan is for no one to know for sure which one is right until the season actually starts. So if you've watched all of the teasers, you've seen what you can expect, unless the REAL theme is from a teaser that hasn't been released yet. Everybody's gotta be difficult.

Early rumors of a Slenderman season were reportedly debunked, though some of the oddball entities in these teasers could stand in for the Internet terror. Ryan Murphy has said in the past that this season will deal with children in some capacity, with operatic themes involved, and that the narrative will incorporate two different ideas he'd had festering for a future season. What those ideas are, we've yet to discover. There was that one teaser with all the blades and things hanging above a baby's crib, which was apparently housing some alien/monster. Is that what's happening here?

Set photos have revealed a setting that hints at a season inspired by the Lost Colony of Roanoke, though nothing official has come out just yet. And it wouldn't be the first time American Horror Story talked about that particular mystery from history. More on that here.

Could this show actually go all the way to the premiere without anything getting spoiled, in a world where Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead would kill for some secrecy? We shall see. Or not see. So far, FX's marketing goals have gone off without a hitch, though.

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