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When Fuller House debuted on Netflix earlier this year, audiences not only reconnected with the extended family prevalent for so many years with during the 1990s, but also familiarized themselves with a whole new generation. While almost every character got to experience a post-Full House existence with love and happiness - yes, even Kimmy Gibbler - Joey was strangely left by his lonesome. That'll be corrected in Season 2, though, as audiences will get to meet the comedian's better half with the introduction of Ginger Gladstone, who will be joined by the couple's sizable batch of children.

Unsurprisingly, Ginger isn't being described as goth, sullen or incapable of laughter. No, the woman who actually gave her hand to Joey in marriage will be a joyous, bubbly and excitable magician, because of course she is. I guess making her a mime would have made it difficult for dialogue scenes. She and Joey not only share a lot of love for each other, but also an all-around sense of cluelessness when it comes to being a parent. I cannot begin to imagine the depths that Joey dips for his Dad Jokes.

It seems like Joey and Ginger would be amazing parents, considering they have four children together, according to TVLine. That's quite a squad to have, considering this show is known for sticking to trios of offspring. But I guess if those munchkins don't have to be around on a weekly basis, it doesn't matter how virile Joey is. Unfortunately, no details about the kiddos were given.

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The Gladstone Six will arrive on Fuller House for the sixth episode, which will feature a Thanksgiving feast bringing all the families together. We knew that Fuller House was looking to put another episode out that got everyone back together, and it sounds like this will be the one that does it and then some. I don't think I've ever owned as many chairs as how many will be needed to seat this group.

We had an inkling that Joey's life would be getting at least slightly more detailed, as executive producer Bob Boyett and creator Jeff Franklin stated after Season 1 premiered that there were indeed plans to introduce Joey's family during the freshman episodes. However, time and other production-based circumstances kept it from becoming a storyline at that point. Of course, Netflix will probably keep Fuller House going until the world is destroyed by a rapidly spreading flu strain that makes you impersonate Popeye until death.

Season 2 will also bring in a love interest for Stephanie, as well as giving D.J. more time with her revolving door of beaus. And even though we probably won't see the Olsen twins, it sounds like John Stamos isn't keen on giving that up. As far as other expectations go, we'll probably see Season 2 get bashed by critics. But if there's a TV series out there more critic-proof than Fuller House, I'll eat Mr. Woodchuck's hat.

While you wait to get more Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler mayhem in your life, check out everything that's coming to TV this summer with our premiere schedule.

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