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Avid TV fans are pretty lucky at the moment. There is a ton of great content out there through various networks and streaming services, and now cancelled shows don't stay dead forever, with Netflix and Hulu coming to the rescue and giving shows new life. One of the most highly anticipated television reboots is the new season of Gilmore Girls, which will be released on Netflix. While we're all eager to see how the denizens of Stars Hollow have changed throughout the years, we may have just gotten a sneak peek into Rory's life. And it involves The White House.

Gilmore Girls' official twitter recently posted a video that has Rory chatting it up with none other than First Lady Michelle Obama. Check it out below.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Rory Gilmore is hanging out at White House with Michelle Obama talking about (you guessed it) books.

While it seems unlikely that Rory is actually working within the White House, she presumably does have ties with the Obama Administration. At the point where Gilmore Girls was tragically cancelled, Rory had just gotten her first grown up job after graduating from Yale. The job was following Barack Obama's presidential campaign, and we all know how that ended. So it could be entirely possible that Rory made some powerful friends and therefore gotten herself some sort of gig working for the Obamas.

Then again, Rory had always seemed focus on her journalistic career throughout Gilmore Girls' seven seasons. From the time she was a new student at Chilton, Rory was determined to attend an Ivy League school, and eventually spend her days in investigatory journalism while traveling the world. So Rory somehow managing to get a job within the White House, while exciting, would be going against everything we've ever learned about the character. It might even prove that Logan's father Mitchum Huntzberger was right about her all along, and she truly didn't have what it takes to be a successful journalist.

It's still unclear if the above video actually has anything to do with the new episodes of Gilmore Girls, or if it was a way to continue attracting attention and anticipation for the series. But one thing is clear: the Gilmore Girls are still counting Pop-Tarts as a main food group. I love the idea of Lorelai sending Rory with blueberry Pop-Tarts for the First Lady because her healthy eating habits simply don't jive with that of the Gilmore ladies. Michelle Obama would probably lose it if she saw the all junk food and coffee diet that Rory and Lorelai usually partake in.

This isn't Michelle Obama's first television appearance, as she's had roles in Parks and Recreation, Jessie, and NCIS. Like her other small screen roles, The First Lady is usually plugging one of her initiatives or causes, this one being the Let Girls Learn initiative.

We still have no word as to when Netflix will release Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, but we will be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes public.

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