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Every network is gearing up for the fall season, which means lots of trailers for new shows that are looking to become the next big thing. This latest trailer is definitely something. Van Helsing is a new show coming to Syfy about the descendant of vampire killer Van Helsing rising up to against a vampire apocalypse. Check out below so we get to discussing it.

Obviously, someone forgot to put in the bumper at the end, which may or may not be a reflection of the series as a whole. I love a good reimagining of something familiar, but this trailer didn't do much to sell the series. It seems a bit angsty, but that might be more a fault of the trailer itself, rather than the show. The basic concept of a vampire apocalypse is intriguing though, and is refreshing given the number of zombie related apocalypse shows we've gotten over the years. There's guaranteed to be lots of fist fights and heart stabbings, but the trailer doesn't show any of that. It's all about the basic premise.

Van Helsing stars Kelly Overton (Legends, True Blood) as Vanessa Helsing, a woman who wakes up in the future to find the world overrun with vampires. Soon, she discovers that she is immune to their bites and has the ability to turn vampires back into humans. That puts a pretty big target on her back as she becomes the one person capable of saving the human race. This show sounds incredibly similar to another Syfy show Wynonna Earp, which is about the reincarnation of legendary cowboy Wyatt Earp fighting supernatural creatures. That show is fairly good from what I've heard, so this could be Syfy is trying to copy itself a bit. Van Helsing certainly has a chance to be a great show, but we'll all have to judge that for ourselves when it premieres in September.

This new show has nothing to do with 2004's Van Helsing which starred Hugh Jackman as a vampire hunter trying to kill Dracula. That film had werewolves and other supernatural creatures like Frankenstein's Monster, and it was not very good. He ended up becoming a werewolf and fighting a bat monster Dracula, which is not as cool as it sounds. And there's a new Van Helsing movie in the works inspired by Mad Max as part of the Monster Movie Universe that Universal has been trying to get off the ground. If this Syfy show becomes a hit then we'll certainly have no shortage of Van Helsing related material.

Van Helsing is set to premiere on September 23, 2016, so save the date in your calendar if you're interested.

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