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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever expanding place; blink too long, and you could miss the latest and greatest news in the world of superheroes. This past weekend marked an important development in the MCU, as Luke Cage was released in its entirety on Netflix. The series has been garnering very positive reviews, and has been praised for featuring a black superhero in their own TV show, as well as its connection to real life issues. And now that MCU fans are eagerly binge watching Luke Cage (or have already finished it. No judgement here), the next step is to look ahead to the Marvel/Netflix series which will follow it. That's right, we're already talking about Iron Fist, and Netflix has just released the premiere date for the upcoming superhero show.

Iron Fist Release Date

The next Defender to join the fray is Iron Fist, which will feature Game of Thrones alum Finn Jones in the title role. Netflix has just announced the release date for the series, and we can expect to jump into the world of Danny Rand and company on March 17th, 2017. This news comes to us from Netflix itself, who announced the news with a short (and uneventful) teaser trailer.

Iron Fist marks the final series before all four members of the Defenders are on the small screen. Preceding this adventure are the first two seasons of Daredevil, Season 1 of Jessica Jones, and the newly released Luke Cage. From there, all four heroes (and hopefully Jon Bernthal's Punisher) will assemble to protect New York from an unknown threat in the upcoming miniseries The Defenders. The four stories have already been connected through common setting and crossover characters, so it should be extremely satisfying to see years of viewership cumulate into the exciting team up. Take that, Avengers.

You can check out Netflix's announcement of Iron Fists' release date below. Just don't expect to see any actual footage from the series, because that ain't happening.

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Like I said, the message here might be exciting, but the actual teaser is most likely a let down for viewers who are dying for a sneak peek into Iron Fists' world.

Iron Fist will revolve around Danny Rand, who returns to New York City after being missing for years. Rand has since delved into the world of Buddhism and kung-fu, and also has superpowers and the ability to call upon the power of the Iron Fist. Additionally, Rand is a Bruce Wayne-ish billionaire, so his spiritual beliefs are sure to conflict with the legacy left from his very wealthy family. We will likely see Rand slowly develop into a vigilante superhero, and presumably will get him in costume by the final episode ala Daredevil.

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