How To Watch The Flash And Arrow Season Premieres Streaming For Free

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Now that we're finally in the month of October again, fans can get back to the action-packed DC TV universe on The CW. The Flash kicked off Season 3 last night with a doozy of a premiere - no spoilers here - and anyone looking to find the episode on Hulu was sorely disappointed, since that deal ended. But there's no reason to worry, as it is extremely easy to watch The Flash's season premiere, as well as tonight's Arrow Season 5 premiere, and a lot more, absolutely free. How? By taking advantage of The CW's updated streaming app!

Don't go thinking we're talking about watching Arrow's fisticuffs on just your phones, either. With its recent rollout, The CW has completely revamped its streaming approach, offering up its programming (not just superhero stuff) to everyone with access to the internet, without any cable or satellite subscriptions (or even a television) required.

On Your TV

If you have any of the following compatible devices, then you're already halfway to watching The CW's shows for free on your televisions. Just download the app and settle in.

RokuChromecastAirPlayApple TVXbox 360Xbox OneAmazon Fire TV

On Your Mobile Device

The same rules apply here. If you'd prefer to take things from the big screen to the small one, you'll be able to do it if you're running one of the following systems on your smartphones, tablets and computers.

iOSAmazon FireAndroidWindows

And yes, The CW's actual website will continue to host episodes the day after they air. The main downside here is that you have to wait until the next day, but then most people were having to do that with Hulu anyway. Another downside is that only the last five episodes are available for streaming, as it has been, so you won't be able to catch whole seasons at a time. We assume that has something to do with the deal set up with Netflix, through which each new season of The Flash, Arrow and more will go up soon after each show's finale.

Thankfully, The CW knows that fans don't like waiting, and the network's new app is the perfect way to bring in cord-cutters and new audiences without leaving anyone out. (Well, except for everyone outside the U.S., since rights issue muck up international streaming.) So if you need to see how "Flashpoint" worked out for The Flash, you can do it right now. And tomorrow morning, you can watch Oliver Queen getting lethal again in the Arrow Season 5 opener. And then next week, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Woo!

The Flash will keep Season 3 spinning circles around viewers every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, while Arrow Season 5 premieres tonight, October 5, and will air every Wednesday night on The CW, also at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is coming at you, check out our fall TV schedule.

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