Tom Hanks Is Going As David S. Pumpkins For Halloween

Tom Hanks brought the funny in his latest stint as host of Saturday Night Live, but that's not all he brought. He also showed off some killer dance moves during his funky performance as David S. Pumpkins, a.k.a. the extremely terrifying yet oddly intriguing attraction in the ridiculously popular "Haunted Elevator" sketch. Now, it looks like the Oscar-winning actor borrowed his costume from SNL for his Halloween shenanigans this year. Try not to be too jealous, and check out the most dazzling duds of Halloween 2016:

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I have to hope that Tom Hanks found a couple of friends to dress up as skeletons to party it up with him this Halloween. David S. Pumpkins is sure to be a hit anywhere he goes, but the thrill might not be the same if he's not accompanied by backup dancers and a song that will get stuck in everybody's head until Thanksgiving. At least Hanks' Twitter pic promises that he'll look snazzy no matter what.

The "Haunted Elevator" sketch has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube since it hit the web on October 23, so it shouldn't come as a huge surprise to anyone if they cross paths with somebody in a sick jack-o-lantern suit while celebrating Halloween this season. Admittedly, it would probably be hard for anybody to get enough fabric to make a David S. Pumpkins suit in the days before Halloween. After all, nobody should spare any expense or attention to detail when it comes to recreating a look like that of David S. Pumpkins. If this costume is going to be done, it needs to be done right. And if you're not one of the over 4 million who have caught the sketch over the past week, check it out!

Tom Hanks is sure to be the hit of any celebration that he attends in his pumpkin suit, even if only because he could have the answer to some of the biggest questions to come out of his SNL hosting gig. The sketch never did answer if David S. Pumpkins is actually from something, nor how he got that awesomely catchy song? Did he audition dozens of dancing skeletons and only pick the best of the best? Who made his suit? How much effort did Kenan Thompson put in to trying not to giggle?

"Haunted Elevator" could go down as one of SNL's legendary holiday-themed sketches. Judging by some of the reviews for his latest movie, Tom Hanks may discover that he was much more of a hit with his 4-minute sketch than all two hours of Inferno. Only time will tell.

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