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Why Fuller House Decided To Finally Introduce Another Gibbler

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If you already caught the first full trailer for Fuller House Season 2, you've already seen Stephanie Tanner snogging with a guy who really seems to be into her. In that same trailer we also learn that guy is none other than Kimmy Gibbler's brother, who is joining the series in a brand new role in Season 2. As we never saw another Gibbler during the years Full House was on air, we were very curious to know why Fuller House chose to go in that direction for Season 2. Here's what Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin told us:

I love stories that draw Kimmy and Stephanie together, put them in conflict. So this seemed a natural fit. Kimmy has always wanted to be a part of the Tanner family. So, she's getting a little conflicted about this relationship. It actually brings the Tanners and the Gibblers closer together, but who knows if this is really the best match for her brother? Stephanie of course has mixed feelings as well. It's secretly terrifying her to think that if this works out in the long run, all the Gibblers would be her family.

While D.J. and Kimmy have always been great friends, Stephanie and Kimmy haven't exactly had the same sort of relationship. A hallmark of Stephanie and Kimmy's relationship on the original series has been the fact that the two like to insult one another. While they get along well enough now--there was even an episode when Kimmy planted a smooch on Stephanie--clearly the Tanner sister will always be the pesky younger sibling. So, to see Stephanie try to get on the same page with another Gibbler--even a handsome one--should be fascinating.

Of course, who knows how long it will last? Jimmy Gibbler looks to be slated for 7 of the 13 Season 2 episodes, and the episodes look to be spaced out across the season. This should mean that Adam Hagenbuch's big role is recurring throughout and hopefully the sparks will be alive between his character and Stephanie through most of that. So, we shouldn't just be getting a Gibbler makeout session, we should be getting something a little juicier, and Jeff Franklin also told us that getting to know another Gibbler was part of the fun of bringing Jimmy Gibbler into the plot.

We wanted Stephanie to ease into some kind of a relationship during Season 2 and also all those years on Full House intentionally we never met any of the other Gibblers. They were always an offscreen joke and a bit of a mystery. Part of the fun of bringing back the series is we get to do things we never got to do back in the day. I always wanted to meet some of the Gibblers, anyway.

One thing I'm interested to know is whether the Tanners are going to be written like they actually have met and interacted with any of Kimmy's family, despite no other Gibblers ever appearing on the small screen before. Luckily, we won't have too much longer to wait to find out. Fuller House Season 2 hits the schedule on Friday, December 9 at 12:01 a.m. PT. You can check out what we know about the new season or find out what Netflix has coming up, as well.

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