16-Year-Old Girl Thought There Was An ‘Earthquake.’ Turns Out That It Was Pete Davidson Driving Into Her House

Pete Davidson and his new girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders, have been making headlines as of late due to their romance but, earlier this week, they caught the public’s attention for a far more dangerous reason. It was revealed that the Bodies Bodies Bodies alums were involved in a car accident that saw Davidson’s Mercedes crash into the side of a Beverly Hills residence. Both stars were unharmed and neither has spoken out about the ordeal as of right now. Interestingly enough though, a 16-year-old girl, who was the lone person in the house at the time, actually thought she was in the middle of an “earthquake.”

The unnamed homeowner got candid while sharing details about the situation with TMZ. When talking to the news outlet, he confirmed that he wasn’t actually on the premises when the Saturday Night Live alum rammed into his abode. The man’s daughter was home alone and apparently reading a book somewhere in the house. Once the car crashed, the teen was reportedly scared and ultimately assumed that she was in the middle of an earthquake. The concerned dad also told the site that his daughter was left “a bit” traumatized by the turn of events. And it would seem that the two stars apologized to her for what went down. 

Pete Davidson, according to reports, was driving his Benz “at a high rate of speed” on the night of Saturday, March 4. While in the Flats neighborhood, the comedian jumped a curb and hit a fire hydrant. From there, the car skidded across the front lawn before ultimately striking the house. The owner further explained to TMZ that the Mercedes hit the home outside of the living room. In addition to penetrating the room’s exterior wall, the crash also caused a window to come out of its frame. A contractor is reportedly set to check out the damage and provide an estimate for repairs, with that figure going to the insurance company after a full report from the authorities is released. 

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Luckily for the King of Staten Island star, the man isn’t upset with him and has no plans to sue him for the damage or any alleged trauma that his daughter experienced. However, as the news outfit speculates, the insurance company will likely require him to foot the bill for the repairs. It’s fair to assume that he has the cash, especially since he’s been spending money on his new lady. 

After he moved on from Emily Ratajkowski, Pete Davidson was linked to his former co-star at the tail end of 2022. He and Chase Sui Wonders were spotted vacationing together at the top of the new year. (And during that time, it was discovered that Davidson removed his tattoos devoted to ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.) The actors may seem like an unexpected pairing on the surface, but those who are apparently in the know weren’t as surprised. Sui Wonders and Davidson apparently had “insane chemistry” while filming the widely praised Bodies Bodies Bodies.

The couple has spent a lot of time together, though some may still wonder if this romance is the real deal. Per a source, things are “getting serious” between the two, who allegedly started off as good friends. And this may sound a bit far-fetched, but a scary incident like this recent car crash can bring lovers even closer  together. 

There’s currently no word on when a full police report on the situation will be issued. Based on the homeowner's comments, one gets the impression that he and Pete Davidson can settle on the repair costs civilly. Aside from that, let’s also hope that his daughter (who now has a wild story that she can tell at parties) isn’t left too shaken up by the accident moving forward.

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