Wait, Has Pete Davidson Already Moved On From Emily Ratjakowski?

It’s hardly any kind of secret that former Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson has quite a dating history, especially when it comes to coupling with several famous women in relatively quick succession. His relationship record has been attributed to everything from him being “a sweet young man” to him, uh, being blessed with an “endowment” that keeps ladies intrigued. Well, after dating rumors kicked up between him and model/actress Emily Ratajkowski recently, it’s possible he’s already moved on.

Who Does Pete Davidson Seem To Be Dating Instead Of Emily Ratajkowski?

It was only around mid-November that rumors began to swirl about the star of the upcoming series, Bupkis, and the model hanging out (which those on the internet had hilarious comments about). In fact, it was only a few days ago that there were reports that the Davidson/Ratajkowski pairing was getting serious, which noted that they had something in common he didn’t share with former love, Kim Kardashian. Now, though, The U.S. Sun is reporting that he may have already moved on to dating actress Chase Sui Wonders, with whom he co-starred in the horror film, Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Apparently, the duo were spotted just this Monday night as they got out of a car and went into the comedian’s home. There is a photo where you can more or less see Wonders’ face, but the Meet Cute star’s own visage is mostly covered by his hood. The potential twosome was also seen recently as they attended a Rangers hockey game together in New York, where they were said to have shared popcorn and some flirty looks at one another.

chase sui wonders in Vogue interview

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It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if The King of Staten Island talent has moved on to dating the Generation actress. For one thing, he and Ratajkowski never came out and said they were an official item. Even if they were dating, that doesn’t mean that either of them were doing anything more than having fun and seeing where things were going. Also, it’s only been a few months since his August breakup with The Kardashians star, after nine months of dating, and it’s possible he’s not in a place where he feels like he wants to get really serious with anyone yet.

We also can’t discount the difficulties he faced while in that romance. Though it seemed like he and the SKIMS mogul got along quite well, her now ex-husband, Kanye West, declared a very public “civil war” against Davidson that included a diss track where he threatened to “beat” his “ass,” and a number of social media posts and interviews where he spoke against him. 

Supposedly, all of the verbal attacks led Davidson to seek trauma therapy for all of the “negativity,”, so it would make some sense that he’d just want to take any possible romances nice and easy for a while. Time will tell whether or not the outings he’s had with Wonders are the beginnings of an actual romantic relationship, so fans will just have to wait and see.

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